Jordan Quits doing AoE2 full time

Jordan posted this video recently: Goodbye Full-time AOE2 - YouTube

I thought I’d share this here. He is one of the maybe top dozen people doing AoE2 full time currently. The fact that he can’t do it any more full time reveals a downward trend for AoE2, I think.

I wish him well on his future endeavours. He was (and will remain) one of the most positive and warm people in the community.


I guess because MBL going full time? There are only that many viewers on aoe2 isn’t it. More competition for Jordan.

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Only with Viper/T90 level viewership can you earn a living on aoe2 like a normal 9-5 job, unfortunately.

I like Jordan but i’ve only ever seen him in tournaments and stuff. hows his streams? Are they fun to watch?
I usually watch Memb and Survivalist, sometimes MBL.

I like viper’s and survivalist’s streams way more tbh. I also watch ornlu’s streams often. But, that’s my personal taste. Jordan is a really chill and funny guy, and I like his banter with viper in viper’s streams.

‘‘Units should be balanced around pros’’ - The Viper

thats the reason why I left this game

MP balance affecting SP experience in this game severely


I am also a recent quitter of aoe2, and all aoe games actually. There are always excessive and unnecessary changes in aoe games since release of DE, that ruin the game experience. Those slowly and steadily make the games not enjoyable anymore.


Jordan had around 1.2k viewers, lots of subs, but the guy has a career, probably he can earn more working on his field, also he is not doing well in tournaments, his decisions is 100% understandable but the whole picture is really bad, imagine if the best german player with lots of viewers can’t sustain his living going full time, what is left for the players below his level or that aren’t from the country #1 aoe2 content consumers in the world.

A tremendous reality punch to all those players who want to aspire to viper’s or hera’s earnings in aoe2, the reality is bad for all the pro players that are out of the top 6 in the world.


Is T90 or Nili full time? Also I believe membtv makes more

Hera explained it in his stream.
During the Pandemic there was a boom for the Twitch streamers which is now over.

It’s really unfortunate and sad, but to be expected that more and more will have to go the step away from full time aoe2.

Also pricepools and other funding will decrease.

And it’s crucial for the future of the game that the community doesn’t rings the alarm bells, cause this would only lead to even less funding.
Just continue to support all content creators.
AOE survived bigger downs, so there is no need to speak about the devil so it finally comes. Other games are way more likely to not survive this down, but AOE2 is proven to be somewhat resistant.


You can always use data mods to play SP, with whatever balance you want.


Surely a Top 10 player like Jordan could be charging $100 an hour for coaching and stream it on Twitch and YouTube to make a little bit more. He’d only need 10x hours a month on top of the $1,500 ish he was making to make a full time living from it. Obviously the more he coaches the more he’d make. I guess maybe he doesn’t want to coach.

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This would be a good price. GL did have Jordan listed as a coach but not now: GamerLegion - Age of Empires 2

And I remember the price used to be 500€/h.

I think i remember Tatoh saying they deliberately made coaching prohibitively expensive so that they could focus on playing and training for tournaments etc.

Just clicked your link. So Nili, Tatoh and Daut are only charging 100 € now

Is there people who buy coaching?. I thought that was not a popular thing.

It’s not super popular due to the price, but it doesn’t have to be. At those prices, they only need a dozen or so lessons a month alongside streaming and it’s easy money. There are easily that many people in the world who have €100 to spend on coaching. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that they are fully booked up every month and have a waiting list. Hera recently charged 1000 ELO players $150 to play him 3v1. Obviously it’s prohibitively expensive for students from poor countries though.

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Sorry to see Jordan go. He was a warm guy in such a competetive scene.
Very much a Viper clone.

His performance as Admiral Yu shin shin in hidden cup won me over.

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This is what keep this game alive
Aoe4 and 3 failed to do this