Julius Caesar Campaign part II. Bello Civili

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After some time of Mod not working correctly, it has been updated so that it has been fixed. Other minor changes have also been made. Full details about the update can be found on the ‘change list’.

Hello BasedTeuton, i rly appreciate the work on the remastered version of “de bello gallico”.
I would like to play this campaign roman civilization too! I hope you are still working on it, cause it will be nice. Thx for the time you spend prepairing those campaign! I can’t wait for the remasterd “de bello civili”

Yes, currently in the process of it. I noticed when trying to implement the Romans, that the 4th senario doesnt really work with the new civ, so I am remaking that mission. Thanks for your support! After that I have to make Casear part 3, which includes battle of Zela, and Caesar’s African and Spanish campaigns. Then I will make 1 Part on Augustus Caesar.

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Did you study roman history? I mean, you have an historical Bachelor or Master degree or you are making this just for fun reading books about Rome? I’m italian, so i’m curious :slight_smile:

Hello again. I just updated the mod where you play as the Official Romans! I did not remake mission 4 like I said I would, but it has been modified a bit (you can read change list for more info).

I have not studied Roman history at university (yet) and making this just for fun with knowledge I have picked up from books, videos, games, etc. I am currenty studying Ancient Greek and Latin language which I started a few months ago and may do some history subjects to. BTW, I am also Italian ethinically speaking, although never actually been there.

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Rly good job. i just need to report that in mission 2 (De bello civilii), after you defeat Lucius Afranius you can no longer recruit centurions: instead of them, you can recruit a mounted trebuchet which is quite strange xD

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Yeah, I noticed this yeterday when I played it. You can still recruit centurions but only if you press the hotkey. It’s kind of strange but I’m Going to fix it. Thanks again for your support.

Edit: Thanks again for pointing it out. I fixed the issue as well as a few other issues in the campaign. You can see the changes in the patch notes.

Apparently In the third mission ‘‘Fabians War’’ The legionaries of Pompeii have 10K HP each, so that one seems pretty bugged