July 2018 Submission Thread


Please post your entries below. The full blog post with entry requirements and a link to the Official Rules can be found here.

Good luck everyone!


Title: Freedom doesn’t come without sacrifice

Those who died from hands of evil, shall never be forgotten. Never let history books erase their contributions for your nation, because they died, we have this freedom. Don’t take it for granted. Say thank you to a veteran whenever you see him or her. Happy 4th to all! And Happy Freedom to all!


People sneak rats after a diversion, I sneak elephants. Not one, not two, all TEN! HAHAHAHAHAH!!!

  1. Diversion

  2. Blow to their face

Happy independence everyone :grinning:


This is how everything should be celebrated!


A fleet comparable to that of the Persians or an impassable defense. Choose the one that inspires you the most!!!


Here is my submission just for fun. Happy Independence day to all of AOE Community!