July 20th patch, map monsters

I am amazed that they put time and effort adding random events, that will expire in time, instead of working on the improvement of the current civs, maps, siege, ages, walls etc…


Didn’t we just get a bunch of maps with Season 5? And unique units?

If map monsters weren’t a thing, what do you think we could’ve gotten instead? How much effort do you think map monsters were, compared to something a single MP map?

In my opinion, these events give seasons a bit of flavour. They’re good to attract interest, but they’re ultimately minor things. I don’t think not doing them would’ve let the devs deliver on much of the things you listed.


Can only speak from the AoE 2 perspective here as it comes up in Age 2 quite often: usually, the dev team has a separate team that manages events, so no actual dev time is wasted.


pretty much how its typically done, that being said more communication from actual dev team would be nice at times


Oh yes, definitely. I’m not a big fan of the radio silence.

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I have the suspicion that they really only wanted to test the new textures of the new mythic units from the Age of Mythology Retold.

The other possibility is that they wanted to add a fun twist to Summer in the Northern Hemisphere for Season 5. In the 3rd Season there was also a Sea Monsters event, but neither the Kraken nor Nessi came out (only trophies), so this time to correct themselves, they made Nessi CANON.

Of course, since I was very busy with my concept of Aztecs (Aztecs Civilization Concept for AoEIV_ by GoldenArmorX), and I have one planned for Incas on the way , Mayas and Mapuches, time ran out and I did not have enough hours to enjoy them. I’m trying to play the monster maps as much as possible today so I don’t forget them, and take as many captures from them as possible.

The good thing about Aoe4 is that at least most of the events you can complete in a single day, killing you hours, but in a single day. In Age2 they are still with the mess of the event that forces you to play every day like Dragon City on Facebook.

About the event itself:

The fact that the monsters only spawned on 4 maps limits the possibility of seeing them frequently. That they only appear to give you a boost and then disappear, like it makes them uninteresting. It’s fun to watch them once, but then they’re gone and there’s no joke. If you fought against them it would be something else. The deer in the Enchanted Groove, for example, had the problem that it didn’t give you more meat or anything extra, it was just to get a Banner.

It would be nice if they appear again in some future event, although with stats, as Creeps or as gaia units for the Editor. Or in some future Enchanted Groove “Remaster”, that includes both them and the Enchanted Deer, and that this one also has a bonus or gold tea instead of meat.

PS1: Facebook’s Dragon City expired in 2020, “Rest in peace Dragon City”.

PS2: I miss the Enchanted Groove. It was a fun and cute biome. I hope one day they bring it back officially. I mean, it was “optional”, there was no problem if you didn’t want to play it. Of course, so as not to annoy the ranked people, it would only be available in Skirmishes or custom games.

this patch is just another big disappointment


This patch is based on Pro players xD
At this point, it just proves that pros don’t know what is fun.

They just suggest nerfs on everything they don’t like, so it will benefit their play style and increase the probability to win more money. It will not benefit other players at all.

This is what Relic and others are listening to…
The result is loud and clear.
A huge disappointment as always…


Couldn’t agree more, wonder how many players actually see the value on these random events. Haven’t seen a single thread where people were for it.


What if you were able to take a look out of your bubble?
What if I told you, that you don’t know what is fun?
Fun is very subjective.

For some people playing a game with interesting colours, tons of content and always changing ways of playing it, pretty much NOT knowing how things work and just watch your screen is fun.
Then there is people who play and RTS to compete with others, similar to sports, playing chess and similar things. That is the “pros”.
For the pros a game being about skill and not about random luck, is fun.
Because in a balanced game, usually the more skilled/experienced player tends to win more often.

An no, this game isn’t e-sports oriented.
It’s (especially for team) completely broken and the balance is bullcrap.
This is not an esports title, even though I wish it was.
It’s gonna be casualized more and more, just what happened to aoe3DE after 1 year into the market.
More and more pumped and overloaded with hoards of content until the balance is just horseshit and it can not be played competitively anymore and ONLY CASUALS can enjoy it.

The problem isn’t that Relic listens to pros.
The problem is they seem to exclusively listen to pros with a CERTAIN and very NARROW MINDED views.
I’ll call it the SC2/aoe2 bubble.
Which is not only sad, but almost scandalous.
Why only listen to sc2 and aoe2 dinosaurs who are extremely (!) narrow minded?
There is no reason, it’s just super dumb and annoying.

Where are the siege crews?
Batch training?
Melee/ranged mode for units?

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Yep, nice that it’s gone, it was a step into very wrong direction to bring it up in the first place.
I’m just as you, relieved, because this doesn’t belong into aoe4.

The top players that came from AoE 2 meanwhile all went back to Age 2 due to various reasons but overall because the game in their opinion isn’t interesting enough to consider playing it more. So I doubt this “aoe 2 bubble” as you call it really exists.

Imo, AoE 4 should consider taking some more inspiration from AoE 2 regarding stuff like ranked or game settings. I think it’s bad design that you can see who you’re up against before the game starts, so if you’re quick enough and they don’t hide their match history, you can guess which civ to counter pick.

Siege crews apparently exist in the game files as they can be accessed in the editor.

I don’t know… batch training is a design choice of AoE 3 to speed up fights. I found it cool when the HRE had it for Burgrave and would love to see it coming back some day but overall AoE 4 is fine without it.

Would love to see melee/ranged mode instead of units switching automatically to either weapon. Could work for Archers and Crossbows.


Yep, my point is that pros play this game to make money.
This is the Numba 1 purpose.
I swear, if no one plays ranked and watches their streams etc, they will leave and find another game.

How can you prove it?

How? I don’t see many casual improvements.
I see e-sports decisions and changes.
Huge weapons, horrible UI, low quality graphics for a game that is released in 2021, unproportionate buildings, and units, etc.
All these things are done to support and push e-sports.
So nope.
AOEIV is made for e-sport.

How can you prove they are narrow-minded?
For instance, I play AOE2 and SC2 both…

I also play CSGO, Dota2, COD MWII warzone, Total War, Warcraft Reforged, and many other games, etc at a high level.
I played more than 1000 games as it is my hobby and I love it.
And I don’t think I am narrow-minded and so do many pros.

The point is, AOEIV pros play it to make money.
Having fun is the number 2 purpose.
I swear, if they cannot make money they will leave.

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AoE 4 isn’t really eSports ready.
It lacks features such as saving and restoring MP games in case of crashes, hiding spoilers or sharing replays offline.

I think Viper is probably the most open-minded pro the AoE scene has. He’s maining AoE 2 but also played a bit of ranked in AoE 1, 3 and 4 and will I guess also pick up AoM: Retold once its out.

Same question.

I mean, “making money” goes for all these kinds of content creators and pro players. Didn’t an AoE II player just announce they’re not doing it anymore?

Did he magically stop liking AoE II, or is it more likely that it’s just not sustainable for him to rely on it for income?

Yep, Jordan announced he stops doing full time AoE 2 and looks for a job as his financial situation doesn’t really allow staying full time

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Oh, good, see. he stopped doing full-time AOE2 content because of his financial situation.
See! As soon as they cannot make enough money, they just decrease content or leave.
This is the reality. You guys answered your own question and proved my point.
What a joke…

Most gamers play in their spare time. This is normal.

In order for it to replace a job, it has to provide money that replaces a job’s income. That’s not the same as not playing the game anymore, or not liking the game anymore.

This is true of all games. You were originally talking about AoE IV pros, and I was pointing out that this is all pro players. If you don’t like all pro players, then I misunderstood. I thought you were just ragging on IV (again).

Your point actually was this:

In case of Jordan, he loves the game but can’t continue to stay full time due to financial reasons. He however will continue taking part in tournaments if his schedule allows it and remains part of GL, his team.

AoE 4 pros is a different story and I don’t know too much about the current pro situation to make a conclusion here.

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Everyone is talking about pros, esport, etc.

I am one of those guys tbh.

I wanted to compete. To main my civ, to love it, to spend much time understanding it.
Played Delhi from the begining, had some fun but in a week everything became dull to me.
Tried other civs, mostly the same.
Horse → archer → pikeman → horses.

I got bored and I left, decide to wait some time until I come back.
In this time I decide to watch tournaments and got bored even further.

For this people who said that they are pushing the game toward e-sport, they don’t know what e-sport is.
In sc2 you can pick 2 civs, play 100 matches and have totally different game with turn arounds, unexpected moves, sneaky strats.

In league or dota you can pick exactly the same characters for 100 games, give it to different teams and you will see totally different playstyle, strategies.

Battles are exiting to watch, game forces you to make mistakes, put you in bad position so you can adapt. That’s why top players in e-sport sometime lose, because someone put effort to make some strats, put them in this awful spot and this is exactly the time when you can see who are the best players.
Best of the best, think fast, adapt fast, and even if they are behind they think how to equalize or get ahead by raids, farming, faking strats into fast tech.

Sometimes in sc2 you can see magic happen even if the person who have 3 times less army is winning because of positioning , control, macro.

In league or dota is the same, people who master the game have this sharp mindset, even in 1/4 hp they can catch the right moment and make quadra or pentakill, splitpush you to death.

I am not a huge dota fan but I rememember watching Miracle team vs some other huge team.
His team got absolutely destroyed, like 1-15. This guy decide to get items for splitpush with Morphling and won the game by himself. I was literally watching in awe.

Everyone have the same tools, just his constant decision making from first minutes to the last minutes was excelent.

That’s e-sport.

Everything can turn in a minute or even in a second.
People adapt every game .
Playstyles of the players can varie so much and that’s the beauty of it.
Best deffensinve players defend some imposible attacks, while best attackers execute their attack with such a precise movement.
Best macro players get the eco of their last unit while they are fighting, making you look like a pumpking in long games.
Even the cheesers put some sick strats, that even pro players who play the games for 10 years can be thrown off guard.

Next time someone talk about aoe 4 is competitive and e-sport, please read that post.
I am seeing a lot of campaign and pve players talk here in the chat, but they have no clue what e-sport, competitiveness is.

As someone above say, people are here for the money, if the tournaments aren’t that big every big streamer would have left the game long time ago.
For someone coming from the core rts games like wc3, sc2, aoe2 this is easy money, even Demu said it.
I want everyone to have their content released.
Ofc someone wants to play pve because history, someone wants to play vs AI with pause because of stress and I really hope everyone gets what he wants.

I love history and I love competitive games with good battles and good base managment, with good strats and dinamic turn arounds.

I don’t see any of it here.

Best wishes,