Aztecs Civilization Concept for AoEIV_ by GoldenArmorX

Aztecs Civ Concept for AoE IV by GoldenArmorX v.1.01


The Aztec Empire

“Infantery, Sacrifice, Comercy”

Difficulty: 3/3

0).- Index

  • Part1:
    – 1.- Historical Period
    – 2.- Civilization Bonuses
    – 3.- Ritual Mechanic
    – 4.- Landmarks
    – 5.- Unique Buildings
    – 6.- Unique Technologies
    – 7.- Units Roster
    – 8.- Extra mechanics
    – 9.- Bibliography

1. Historical Period

    • 1100-1325: Migration of Atzlan
    • 1325-1431: Fundation of Tenochtitlan
    • 1431-1502: Aztec Empire: Triple Alliance
    • 1502-1521: Last Years

2. Civilization Bonuses

1.- Mesoamerican Culture.-
Unique Noble House Units replace the advanced siege function. Shock Infantry replaces Cavalry. Mesoamerican tree of technologies in the smithy and dock.

2.- Capture of prisoners
All melee infantry units, villagers and even priests have the “capture” mode, with which they reduce 30% their attack, but if they manage to reduce an enemy’s hit points to zero, it will become a captive. Captive units must be driven to a temple to generate blood points or be sacrificed by a warrior monk, the higher the unit cost the more blood points you get. Siege weapons captured become yours. Prisoners need to be carried by military units, and can be captured by enemies and released.

3.- Ritual sacrifices
In the Great Temple and in the automatic menu you can see the icons of various gods. Each one offers up to 2 different bonuses, which are paid with blood points. You can obtain these points by garrisoning prisoners in the Great Temple, another teocalli or by using a warrior priest with the blood sacrifice ability in a unit. Better the unit, better the blood points income.

4.- Influence - Sacred Precinct
Build the Great Temple in the Dark Age (I), with unlock the Huitzilopochtli and Tlaloc rituals. Landmarks and Temples built in the influence of the Great Temple have 33% more damage resistance.

5.- Religious Culture
You can build two landmarks per age, and tteocalis since the first age. The Calmecac, a early advanced technology building can produce priest and research religious technologies. Religious units gains 10 health for each ritual unlocked.

6.- Itinerary Markets
Build Tiangis, that act as markets that can be packed up to relocate to another place. You can also buy slaves in them to use for sacrifice or sell captivers for gold.

7.- Road Waystations
Outpost generates an aura that improves the movement speed of shock infantry and merchants by 15%.

8- Marine agriculture
Fishermen can build chinampas, marine buildings that act as farms and have 10% better production than normal farms.

9.- City of Canals
Ships move 20% faster near docks.

10.- Tzompantli
Building that generates gold each time a unit is sacrificed or an enemy is killed in their vecinity. It also generates an income of gold and for each unit sacrificed and enemy downed since the start of the game.

11.- Teocalli
Cult to Huatzilopotchli, the god of war inspires the villagers to enlist. Your military units are created 10%/20%/30%/40% faster while are under the influence of a Urban Center. Houses expand this influence. Villager have better combat habilities.

12.- Meritocracy
All units have a rank, depending on it they acquire some bonus. Units gain rank if they capture enemy units or upgrade. They can change the unit level if they capture enough units, or even become new types of units. They are in the following range:

0.- Spearman, Courier, Warrior Priest, Villager, Siege Archer
1.- Obsidian swordman, Runner, Archer, Slinger, Spear Thrower,
2.- Veteran Units of Barracks and Archery Range, Early Celestial Priest
3.- Elite Units of Barracks and Archery Range, Celestial Priest
4.- Jaguar Warrior, Eagle Warrior, Veteran Celestial Priest
5.- Otomi warrior, Elite Celestial Priest
6.- Short One, Coyote Priest, Tlacateccatl, Tlacochcalcatl

13.- Unique units

  • Spear-Thrower.- ranged infantry and anti-ranged specialist, with a wide range and high damage.
  • Jaguar Warrior.- heavy infantry and fast anti-infantry that can go into stealth mode.
  • Guerrero Aguila.- heavy and fast anti-cavalry shock infantry with a little bonus aggainst ranged units, and throw a javeline periodically.
  • Otomie Warrior.- springald replacement. Master slinger and siege ranged infantry with a long range, anti-armored and anti-siege specialist.
  • Cuachiq Warrior.- mangonel replacement. Fast siege melee infantry with great attack that periodically ejecutes a special attack of area effect.
  • Warrior Priest.- Religious and military support unit with enhanced combat capabilities. Can sacrifice your own units or prisoner far of a temple. Able to heal, carry relics and conquer holy sites in third age.
  • Celestial Priest.- Religious and military support unit with enhanced combat capabilities and heavy armor. Can sacrifice your own units or prisoner far of a temple. Able to heal, carry relics and conquer holy sites in third age.
  • Coyote Priest.- Heavy Shock Infantry and support unit. Have a bonus aggaints buildings, siege, ranged units, and gunpowder units. Able to heal, carry relics and conquer holy sites. Can use stealth ability.

14.-Situational unique units

  • Lord of the house of Darts.- General and Heavy Infantry with great attack. Have an aura that increase the speed of nearby units. Improves its stat with each age.
  • Lord of the House of Blades.- General Heavy Infantry with great attack. Have an aura that increase the speed of nearby units. Improves its stat with each age.

15.- Shared Units

  • Obsidian Swordman (Mesoamerican unit) Light and cheap infantry best used against unarmored units.
  • Slinger (Native-American unit).- Range infantry specialized against melee infantry units.
  • Atlat Dart Thrower (Mesoamerican unit).- Range infantry specialized against range infantry units.
  • Siege Archer (Narive-American unit).- Range infantry specialized against buildings and siege units from low distance.
  • Runner (Native-American unit).- Fast shock infantry effective at raiding, flanking, and countering ranged units.
  • Scout (Native-American unit).- Lightly armed shock infantry effective at exploring the world, hunting wildlife, and herding Sheep. Can enter in stealth mode.
  • Jungle Trader (Mesoamerican unit).- Your trader of ever, but on foot. Consist in a trader and his tlameme. Can watch in stealth forest.

3).- Ritual Mechanic

Almost all of them last 60 seconds, offer 2 bonuses, which include either a military or farming bonus. Only one ritual can be active at a time. The same ritual cannot be repeated until two and a half minutes after it is performed (150 s). You need to wait 30 seconds until the next ritual.

    • Huaitzilopochtli ritual ( 15 bp).- War and Sun god. Increases Fire damage 30%, Melee units +20% attack speed.
    • Tezcatlipoca ritual ( 15 bp).- Trickster, Night, and Destruction god. Increases Fire damage 30%, Improve Military Buildings unit production by 50%.
    • Queztalcoatl ritual ( 10 bp ).- Knowledge and Wind god. Technologies develop 80% faster, Farming gather rate improves 40%.
    • Xipe-Totec ritual ( 10 bp).- Renovation and Goldsmith god. Mining improves 40%, Agriculture improves 50%.
    • Toci-Coatlicue ritual (II - 10 bp ).- Fertility and Healing god. Villagers producction improves by 100%, Religious units and Buildings heal 40% faster.
    • Mitxcoatl ritual ( 15 bp).- Hunting and War god. Improves 40% Range Units attack speed improves 40% the hunting gathering rate.
    • Tlaloc and Chalchihuitlicue ritual (III - 15 bp).- Weather and Water gods. Ships 20% more attack speed - Farming gather rates improves 40%.
    • Chicomecoat rituall ( 10 bp).- Maize and fruits god. Villagers collect berries 40% - Farming gather rates improves 40%.
    • Xiuhtecuhtli ritual ( 15 bp).- Ancient Fire and Time god. Increases Fire and Siege damage by 40% - 40% better resource collection.
    • New Fire Festival .- ( 52 bp).- Increases fire and siege damage by 100%

4).- Lanmarks


General Summary:

i) Great Temple/ Huey Teocalli.- (50 wood)

Act as a teocalli and as a Landmark and Unlock Huitzilopotchi and Tlaloc rituals. Unlock the activation of rituals. Landmarks and teocallis in their influence get 20% more resistence to damage. Begin small but become bigger and with more HP for every age you advance.


i) Great Market

Act as a Tiangi. Tiangis in its influence zone sells slaves 20% cheaper and you get 20% more resources per captive solds. Has the ability “Poshteca spy net” that reveal every market and merchant in the game for 20 seconds every 3 minutes.


I).- House of Darts of the Eagles

It allows the production of early eagle soldiers, as well as has discounts in 30% on the improvements of all your units at the veteran and elite level. Allows you to produce two generals in castle age, Tlaccatecatl and Tlacochcalcatl.


II).- Sacred Ball Square

For ritual ball games. Increase passively the blood poinst generated per sacrifice in temples by 30% and improve the attack speed and unit production of war rituals by 20%.


II).- Temple of Ehecatl

It acts as a temple dedicated to Quetzatcoatl in their wind-god facet. It has a circular basement and chapel. War Priest and Celestial Priest become 20% cheaper. Increases the effectiveness of gathering rate bonus of economic rituals by 20%.


III).- Temple of Tezcatiploca

It acts as a temple dedicated to Tezcatiploca. Of 80 stairs and 20 meters. Unlock the camouflage trench ability to al your noble infantry, that can enter in stealth mode indefinitely while they remain stationary.


III).- Temple of Tonatiuh

It acts as a temple dedicated to Xiutecuthli. Quintol Sol Shrine. Unlocks the New Fire ceremony, and increases the damage of the other fire ceremonies by 25%. Eagle Warriors 20% cheaper.


IV).- Palace of the Tlatoani

Representation of the palace of Moctezuma Xoyocotzin in Wonder version.


Unique buildings

Huey Tzompantli

Religious building that generates gold every time a unit is sacrificed or killed in the vicinity. Passively earn gold based on the number of enemy units defeated in their vicinity and prisoners sacrificed since the party began. Become bigger every time it get a new tier:

  • Tier 1: 50 deaths - 40 gold per minute
  • Tier 2: 150 deaths - 80 gold per minute
  • Tier 3: 300 deaths - 160 gold per minute


Marine building that fishing boats can build. Generates food at a higher rate than farms (10%).


Mobile market that produces slaves at the cost of gold, and buy cautives for gold either. Slaves can be used as cautives for sacrifice.


Religious building. Unlock a ritual once built. Produces religious units and houses religious technologies. Starting in the Castle Age (III), religious units can pick up Relics and place them in this building to generate Gold. Comes in nine models, every one for a specific ritual.

Regional Building

Artesany Workshop

A build that work both as a Blacksmith and a Siegue Workship. Note: Because the Mesoamerican peoples did not use metal armor, much of the weapon work was done in special artisan workshops, who decorated the costumes with feathers and dyes, as well as taking charge of making the cotton or scapula armor.


A military building that produce advanced infantry. In the aztec case: Eagle Warrior, Jaguar Warrior, Otontin Warrior, Cuachic Warrior.


Houses advanced technology that benefit the civilization. Note: As the University and Madrasa, is the aztec version of House of Higher Studies. Has some Aztec unique technologies for the fourth age (IV). Elite Army Tactis affect either Shock Infantry.

Calmecac rotg


Defensive building that replaces Keep. It has fewer HP and shoots one less arrow. Stetically is a fortress with walls and has a teocalli as the center. Note: based on the barbican located at the entrances of Tenochtitlan. The second photo is based on a real Aztec fortress in Oztuma, with a temple like Keep. Of the second only its foundations and walls remain.

5) Unique Technologies

6).- Unit Roster

7).- Shared Mechanic

  • Craftsmen Workshop Technologies

  • Naval Technologies

  • Native American Unique Technologies

8).- Bibliography

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  • Models of Craftsmen Guild, Palace and Calmecac from the mod of AoM:EE, The Return of the Gods.
  • Many images downloaded from Devianart, Pinterest, Minecraft, and many other artist.
  • Own creation images (GoldenArmorX): Iconos de rituales, tecnologías únicas y únidades únicas aztecas in the roster.

9).- Palabras Finales

  • I’ve put a lot of effort into making this concept. I hope it will help the developers in creating a possible Aztec civilization for the game, if not in its entirety, at least as reference material. Many of the images are sourced from the bibliography, though the icons for unique technologies, unique units, and bonuses are my own creation, except for those already present in the game itself. Without more to say, my regards” - GoldenArmorX.

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