July Patch Preview

So, the July Patch was announced, I guess it will be released later then usually (maybe in one or two weeks).

What do you guys think?
I think it is a great addition. The Devs seem to have read the Mappool discussions here in the chat as most of the good ideas have been integrated.

Now you can play Arabia almost every time (if you are that type of guy) without having the Mappool split and wait times increased. You can also vote on Maps if you don’t like the current Mappool. I am very pleased with what they did :slight_smile:


Yeah, it seems like the skip the June patch, so i hope we dont have to wait till the end of the month to get the july patch. I hope it will come more quickly. Just to composate we didnt had a June Patch.

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Looks like work on other Age games is the reason for no June patch. AoE DE is also getting a huge July patch. July looks like it shall be among the best months this year for Age players.

Probably the following week

And the Release of the AOM patch, in general they are looking to care that games.

From here:

I really like the sound of this:

New: COMPETITIVE SCENARIO based on the E3 Demo, plus an online leaderboard!

I’ve been thinking that the game could do a lot more with leaderboards, e.g. speed run times for all the campaigns and art of war challenges.

Looking at the E3 demo:

it looks like you get a score at the end of it, so I guess the leaderboard will be based on that score. I think that is a great concept for extending the game that could be used more widely.

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From the description is sounds like there might be some cheese where if you ban the common favourite maps (eg arabia) you’re more likely to play on your own favourite map.
I hope that won’t be the case.

Indeed, but since the other maps rotate every 2 weeks you can’t focus your long time training on a specific non Arabia map. So I think it is not totally unbalanced/cheesy.

But yes, practice one specific strat on a specific map for one week against friends, then go on ranked and ban Arabia / prioritize your map and you will likely get it and have an unfair advantage.
But are many people going to do that? I don’t think so…

Strategies for all maps are pretty generic. So there are no real issue to me…

I personally find kills/deaths ratio to be more valuable than time.