June PUP- Lakota Rework

Seems Lakota has a new age 4 card that gives their warchief stealth that I don’t think was mentioned. Also they got HC customizations and explorer customizations.


This card already gave the Warchief stealth:
image Center of Power

It’s also really disappointing that there’s no Heyoka explorer skin.


That would make more sense.

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So much card for make them somewhat viable… I understand that Devs wanted to preserve the classic British roster, but I think that this unit should be just trainable without cards. People will welcome it if it’s balanced.

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Yeah I do not think having a fourth unit in the barracks would change the British gameplay drastically…they are not super cost effective units and do not overlap with longbows (so the long unlock chain and full replacement make less sense).

Edit: card replacement could still be a feature because there is probably no room for more cards.
Ranger is available by default
Rogers rangers change the cards and makes them accessible (not trainable) in age 2
Ranger card swaps existing longbows to rangers (but does not eliminate longbows from barracks), with a small buff, or maybe not.
All longbow cards buff rangers as well with the current bonus (card name swap could still happen. It looks cool to have Bakers rifle).


I made a suggestion for British Sharpshooters before Rangers were added and some people were losing their minds about that so I guess their approach is to appease that crowd.

But at this point, the cat’s out of the bag and they should get rid of the weird replacement thing. They should be concurrent with Longbows and available by default in age 4 (just like Pavisiers and Bersagliere).

They should probably nerf Longbows a little and buff Rangers to make the transition justified. I think the Yeomen card should give them the promotion ability instead of extra range and the imperial Longbow upgrade could be nixed.


I was a bit confused by the wording of the new pavisier card but testing it this is how it works. In age 4 it gives a 30% hp buff to pavisiers and 15% to pikes/halbs. It has a damage aura similar to state militia where it increases the larger the group is. It seems to max out at 31 pavisiers providing a 30% attack boost (the exact number needed could be wrong if the UI is rounding the attack up) So as long as your group is greater than 30 you essentially have guard pavisiers.

In age 5 the card gives an additional 25% hp to pavisisers (Not to pikeman and halbs) and the damage aura also provides an additional 25% essentially maxing out pavisier stats at 1.75x base stats (without other cards/techs other than the veteran upgrade) In imperial you only need 8 to have the full bonus.

For pikes/halbs in age 4 it seems to max out at 39 pikes/35halbs with 10% attack and in age 5 they get 20% attack.

I’m very happy guard pavisiers are essentially in the game. The lack of an age 4 upgrade for them was basically the only thing that I disliked about Italy.

Edit: I was maxing out upgrades and it seemed like with maxed upgrades halbs got 15% attack in age 4 so maybe I still don’t know how it works for pikes/halbs lol but it should be accurate for pavisiers.


Just gonna hold my breath… until January 2023 at this rate.
And its gonna be to little and too late.


I personally am not fan of the new way minor settlements are controlled, but I will see how it plays out in-game.

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You know? you are right lol. Maybe an age 1 card?

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But it could be quite OP if you could keep moving your TC to where the hunts are towards the beginning when others are trying to herd animals towards their TC.

I think its nice enough that its locked by a card. It can work as an Age 1 card as well, I think.


but as a tradeoff you’d lose the no build zone around first tc, to add some risk if you choose to relocate, and keep in mind, while you move tc around you delay your age up due to not making vills

I think disassembly could be made significantly slower to compensate.

didn’t try this yet so idk how fast it is rn

i think we’re good as long as its not instant like mongols in aoe4, update, tested it, it takes really long already, didn’t bother measuring in seconds yet


measured, its 33 seconds both to deconstruct and to build back

They function similar to how SC-2’s ‘Xel’naga Towers’ function. A good addition in my opinion. Xel'naga tower | StarCraft Wiki | Fandom

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it plays like charm, tried all that too
also spoilers, lakota homecity and explorer costumizations are visible in pup

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People have been complaining that most native civs haven’t been used often enough outside of the Africans, and Europeans. This works well because it reduces the attention the player has to direct an important unit like an explorer or villager from a likely more important task like treasures/exploring in the former case or gathering/building other more important buildings in the ladder without directly buffing natives (so as to explore how to balance them) or buffing trade routes, which are almost always important.

Been awhile. I’ll give my thoughts on the rework.

I’m a little iffy on this - the name is bland. IMO a good reference could be make to the Sichangu Lakota, who hunted with flaming arrows, torches, and corralling techniques. Something that references that would be a good way to indicate that a lot of the fighting techniques the Lakota used were really just hunting techniques adapted to hunting humans instead of bison.

I’m iffy on this one. The point of the Akicita is that only one “leads” the camp at any given moment, even if there are many Akicita per tribe and band. A better route would be to unlock a bunch of expensive improvements aimed specifically towards one unit, but only allowing one improvement to be researched, disabling the rest after one has been researched. Maybe make it an infinite shipment card to allow all improvements to be researched over a long period of time.

A far better name would be “Red Marathon” or “the Red Dirt Race,” as a reference to the Great Race story. For those who don’t know it, the Great Race was a race between two-legged creatures and four-legged creatures to determine if humans would be allowed to continue to live. Two-legged creatures won because of Magpie, who just sat on the backs of other creatures until the very last stretch, where she flew across the finish line and won. The “Red” part references the colour of the dirt in the Black Hills, which is where the race was held - there’s a circle around the Black Hills that is said to be the path of the race, and it was followed ceremoniously every year by the tribes and is a core reason to why the Sundance is held.
The “Wind Runners” card could also use a name update to reference the Great Race.

100% I agree. Cheyenne Riders should be renamed to Cheyenne Dog Soldiers.

Something that’s always bothered me about the Bonepipe Armor upgrade is that bonepipe isn’t meant to be actual armor - it’s spiritual armor in the same sense as a medicine shield or a dreamcatcher. Giving it an actual function like this is just weird. Also, women wore hairpipe armor, which is basically the same thing, but vertical instead of horizontal.

Overall, I don’t think the changes are enough. It’s a good start, but the main problems with the Lakota are:

  1. The main gameplay loop of the Lakota is inconsistent with the values of the culture - this includes the values that dictated how the Lakota went to war. Lakota warfare was defensive, not offensive. Having them as cavalry raiders is weird and inconsistent with historical precedent.
  2. The economy of the Lakota being so weak makes no sense - the Lakota were a trade empire, first and foremost. You can’t be a trade empire if you have no economy. Lakota trade centered on the bison - the ability to produce bison as an inherent part of the civilization is a must, and it will remove the weird dependency the Lakota have on home city shipments. Enabling the ability to produce their own huntable bison would be a good basis for an economy that mirrors reality, and it would allow the removal of the farm.

(PS - I don’t know if this is actually a problem or not, but the dress the female Warchief is wearing should be royal blue. I’m unsure if the colour on the art is because of the player color chosen for that particular screenshot or if she will actually have cyan colouration, but the dress is based on a design that is commonly references - the issue is the reference is heavily religious in nature, and the upper part of the dress being royal blue is of heavy religious significance. Royal blue is the colour of Inyan’s blood - Inyan’s blood is water. This is the basis of “Mni wiconi,” or “Water is life.”)