Just a Few Questions

Firstly I am amazed with AOM Retold shown in the trailer.

Thank you guys.
I’ve been waiting for this since AOE3DE.
Really thank you.

So … A Day 1 DLC …

It can be seen that the Chinese were removed from base game and released as a day 1 DLC.

This is strange, if I’m not mistaken, in the first mentions of Retold it was said that the Chinese would be part of the remastered content, given that it is already on EE. But ok, lets move on.

That said, first question, will their campaign be included in this DLC?

Another question, in the standard package, will there be any new campaigns? Or singleplayer map (since a new god Freyr was mentioned)?
Will the second Day 1 DLC have a campaign?

(Am I wrong in understanding that there will be two Day 1 DLC?)

And finally, why just apply the discount of having AOMEE on the premium version of Retold?

I understood that Chinese will be release on the future, not as a day-one DLC.

I guess the campaign will be remake, as some in AOE2 from original Forgotten mod/DLC.

I think there will be more single player maps; doubt about campaigns.

Acredito que esse trecho tenha me confundido. Como se elas fossem ficar “liberadas” após o lançamento, no caso, entendi como após o dia do lançamento.

These are not confirmed as Day 1 DLC. This is a DLC pack, basically you are buying the promised road map of development. You the consumer get a cheaper price and the studio gets a guaranteed sale on their product. While I would not rule out the art pack being Day 1 since it would just be updated art assets the rest are unlikely. The Freyr Gods Pack is the most likely to available day one but I imagine it will come out later. The expansion for China almost certainly won’t be Day 1 DLC. It looks like they intend to do a complete rework of the faction and need more time to complete it. If it was ready by launch it likely would have just have been part of the base game.

I’ll hope for the best.

Whether it’s a Day 1 DLC or not, its strange the lack of information for what is being paid, and all of this comes to light due to the issue of the price applied to the sale, especially here in my country (Standard R$ 99,00 - Premium R$ 169,00).

Information about these expansions, such as how many major gods, whether there will be campaigns, etc., would help to decide better.

Since the lastest two AOE2 DLC we should stay with the eyes open.

Anyway, I’m happy with what was presented in the trailer.

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Yes, all the Tale of the Dragon content will be reworked and sold back as DLC 1…and then a new expansion will come as DLC 2…