Just a few small suggestions to improve the gameplay!

  • Add optional resource icons to the minimap.

This option would make it much easier to find resource locations on the default colored minimap.
It’s a useful feature of the minimaps in Age Online and Age IV.

Age of Empires Online Minimap
I think the Age Online version is the best!

In both Age Online and Age IV, Gold and Stone are unique pieces, but considering that in Age II they are always together with their peers, it might work in this game too!

  • Add a real-time timer for above and below Normal game speeds.

As the game timer speeds up or slows down at game speeds other than Normal, it is not ideal for tracking how much actual time is spent in a single or multiplayer match.

  • Center the screen correctly when a group of units is selected.

When a numbered hotkey is pressed twice or a group icon is clicked, the screen is centered on that group. The problem is when the units in the same group are far from each other, where the screen tends to center on the midpoint between them, therefore on none of the units.

Age II Selected Ships
Age II Camera Bug

When a group of units is selected under these circumstances, the camera should focus on the largest concentration of units.

  • Change the behavior of group icons when clicked.

Age II Group Icons

This function is just as useful to me as the numbered hotkeys for selecting groups of units, but right now the game’s response isn’t exactly optimal.

When an icon is left-clicked, the screen centers on the selected group.
Right-clicking the icon merges new units with the clicked group (which is great!), but also the screen tries to center on the group.

When the icon is left clicked, I think the best answer is to select the group but not center the camera on it. For this, two clicks must be made.
When right-clicking, the new units should be merged into the group, but the camera shouldn’t try to center on them.

That’s all, folks! Can you think of any other mechanic that could be improved in some way?