Just bought AoE DE yesterday... cannot play it

Hello all…

I’ve searched on here to try and find an answer but could not find one.

I just bought AoE DE yesterday… and since then, I cannot play it. I launch the game, after intro graphics… Please sign in with your XboxLive account Log into Xbox… I click “sign in” … then a brief please wait message appears then immediately get bounced back to “Please sign in…”

Did I make a mistake buying this fame thinking I could play sandbox mode??/

Thanks in advance for anyh4lp.


The game isn’t available yet. It’s only in Beta.

He is talking about AOE 1 DE, not AOE 2 DE

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Sorry, I should have specified… AoE DE 1

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Could you check please if Direct Play is installed?

If not then install and reboot afterwards and try to launch AOE DE again.

AoE (1) sub forum. If you check on top.

No is fine. Others must check their replies.

Thanks. Just checked. It was not installed on my Win 10 laptop. installed it, restarted and…
Same loop back to Sign in… :frowning:

Who / How do I contact for a refund?

If you want to refund the game you can do this here: https://account.microsoft.com/billing/orders/

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You might need to reinstall the game too. But a refund is far more easier than solving your problem. :wink:

Anyway you need DirectPlay for other games too, installation of games that need those binaries can fail to install correctly.

If you have not already, make sure you can sign in over at https://account.xbox.com/ with your account. If you have not finished setting up a free Xbox Live Profile on your Microsoft Account, the login will fail before you can play the game.

If you continue to have trouble, let me know and we can continue troubleshooting the issue!

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I do have an Xbox live account… since the very beginning of Xbox Live. It is currently upgraded to Xbox Ultimate Pass until 2021. I’ve logged in and verified that all works… all is good and up to date with my Xbox Live account…

This game I purchased for my Windows 10 PC does not work… it try to log into my Xbox account… and fails to login and redirects back to sign in page. I’m not able to enter my account details when launching the game… not presented with login enter details page.

@CracklyChunk971 Go to Settings and reset the Xbox app. Also go to the Microsoft Store app and check for updates to ensure your Xbox app and related features are up to date.