[Just for fun] Unique bonuses for hypothetical new civs

UT - instantly get all blacksmith upgrades that you haven’t researched yet

Either as a fairly expensive tech in castle age, or as a fairly cheap tech in Imperial

It would be funny because it would incentivice you not to rearwardly blacksmith upgrades early because doing so would waste part of the UT effect.

I recently made a topic to talk about an old concept civ of mine, with its unique bonuses and tech, so I’ll share them here with you guys:


  • Docks works 50% faster and are built in 50% less the time.

  • Starts with +150g (so 250g in total).

  • Archery range units move 10/15/20% faster in feudal/castle/imp.

  • University techs cost 50% less

  • Docks provides 5 pop (TB)


  • Castle UT
    After researching it you receive 500 gold for each relic that is inside one of your monasteries (the cost should be about 300/400 resources of only wood and food).

  • Imp UT
    Archer line get +1 atk

I’ve been thinking in some possible new bonuses:

  • Petards cheaper
  • Petards with more pierce armor
  • Town watch and town patrol affect militry units
  • Chemistry and hand canoneer available in castle age

From the post “'Bulwarks of Christendom` DLC Suggestion”:

  • Farms can be harvested by 2 villagers but cost 120 food.

Edit: Farms can be harvested by 2 villagers but cost 120 wood.

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Cavalry and Naval civ (Maybe Cholas)

TB - Dock provides +5 pop space

CB :
1. Fishing Ship +5 carry capacity
2. TC techs are 50% cheap
3. Scout line can be trained from Barracks

UT :
Castle age - Battle Elephant reloads 20% faster/attacks 25% faster.
Imperial age - Galley line +1 attack, +1 range

I have been thinking recently about unique units within the tech tree similar to indian imp camel but actually replacing certain units with unique ones. For example we know alot of civs in Africa or the Americas used cavalry but didnt have knights or had bows but never xbows.

For example nw African Bantu Civ
In feudal you have normal Archer but in castle age you can upgrade to Bantu archer and than Elite bantu archer in Imp. The unit would be somewhat similar in power level to xbow/arbalester but also different may be higher fire rate and range for less accuracy.

Same could be done with other units from the tech tree pikes, champs etc.

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Some bonuses I have in mind as unassigned. They may be used also to balance the current weak civs like Italians or Indians.

Here the list:

  • economic units are 10% cheaper
  • all units are 10% cheaper in food (maybe starting in feudal)
  • military buildings-50w
  • having access to a gold trickle, starting in feudal and equal to 1 relic
  • archers move 10/15/20% faster
  • military techs from barracks, stables, and ranges are 50% cheaper
  • ships regenerate hp
  • villagers regenerate hp
  • buildings regenerate hp
  • all military units cost -10%
  • all units cost -10%
  • villagers collect every resource faster (between 3 and 5%)
  • outposts cost no stone
  • Siege towers cost no gold
  • castles and towers have melee damage
  • archer line and skyrms have melee damage

This is actually a very good defensive bonus vs Rams, Eagles and Huskarls. I kinda love it. I’d love to change it a bit: Fortifications deal melee damage against unit with high pierce armor. We don’t need Teutonic Huskarls vs that civ. 11

Villagers work 3% faster - this is far more balanced
Villagers gather non-renewable food sources 7% faster - this is the different version of it

Units are 5% cheaper - includes villagers
Military units are 7% cheaper - more balanced when you have 10-15% cheaper units on food

I propose 33% here. It’s in-between Chinese - Vietnamese and a future civ that has cheap eco techs on food

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Economic units include villagers and fishing ships. At least in my mind

I misread. I thought it was economic techs. 11

Even having eagles for a african civi is fine,its not an actual unit for inca or maya.

  • Spearmen available in dark age, pikemen in feudal, halbs in castle
  • Infantry units +2 line of sight
  • Palisades built faster (maybe between 50-100%)
  • Outposts dont cost a certain resource or are free
  • herdables can capture other herdables

guess which civ i have in mind lol

Gate of the Sun: Chasqui and Condor Warrior accompanying Wiracocha

Gate of Sun

(Sea) Eagle Warrior Moche
Eagle Warrior Moche

Chankas Winged Warriors

kero con posible escenificación de la guerra contra los chankas, en Ramos Gómez 2002 884

UT: Monasteries generate food

Civ: Blacksmith Infantry armor upgrades are free

Not sure it has been suggested before:

Farm size 2x2 tiles 111

been suggested many times :stuck_out_tongue:
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edit: seems they have some stupid forum search instead of the browser one xD

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I don’t think i said that farms cost food :stuck_out_tongue:

One bonus I was thinking of is related to bombard towers. It may work for Malay, which have an underwhelming late game in TGs. And also they are not that great in 1v1 Arabia (just to have an idea, their stats are similar to the italian ones).

The bonus is: bombard towers cost no stone, or in a weaker version, bombard towers cost no gold.

In 1v1 they maintain either a gold or a cost stone, so they do not become that spammable. In TGs however, they may become much cheaper than now. For a civ with mediocre late game in TGs, it may work!

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Rams can garrison more units (e.g. 2x units or +2 units)
Suits for an infantry based civ.


UU gain experience over time and become stronger.
Pike wall or shield walls.Beta stuff.
Mercenary companys costing only gold and no population limit.

honestly don’t like this idea t all.

costing only gold i’d be fine with, no pop limit? no thanks.