[Just for fun] Unique bonuses for hypothetical new civs

and you don’t see how this could be problematic? especially on maps like islands? look at the malay fishing bonus that got nerfed as an excellent example.

It is precisely what I particularly want to do on the islands. It take (perhaps a long) time to build, and it would still take time to gather. This is closer to Feitoria than the Malay bonus.

and those have been nerfed TWICE now in DE purely because of Islands…just saying.

This mod has very unique mechanics that new civs (or even current ones) can use
I like that you have two option for UT by age and the way the UT toggle and the Ox cart for gather resources

Could work if takes much time than reasearching in TC maybe.

This triggers me an idea. What if from Castle age you can upgrade just one TC to new Unique building, the Palace.
The palace have more HP, more range and attack, let you research UTs on it and train this “General” unit while maintain the all TC features.
This General as you said, can only exist one at a time, have really good stats and, here is the gimmicky part, occupy 5 pop and generate gold only if it is garrisoned in the Palace, so you have a choice if usit as a “ military” asset or an economic booster.

Interesting, but should to be tweaked I think. I don’t care discuss about the numbers, but I like the idea.

Interesting too. Could lead to unique build orders.

Question… you can choose when thrown the weapon once the bar is full charged? Or it just happen like Coustilliers charge attack?

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A new “Intelligence house” unique building that let you train assassins and pasive ability of revealing enemy units position (not full LOS like Spy/treason) for 5 secs every 5 minutes (in-game time).

Assassins have stlealth abilities, very low stats but a strong “charge” attack.

RE: OP’s Self-trade idea:
I think that the game could incorporate paper money to achieve this. Of course, the Vietnamese have this as a technology in Rise of the Rajas, but imagine the following:

-With any civilization, starting in Imperial Age, you can deposit resources (food, wood, stone) into the Market
-As you deposit food, wood, stone, you gain “interest” on your investment as a gold trickle.
-Stone would yield the highest investment. If you’re willing to put 1000 stone into a market, and risk losing it, you should be rewarded more than if you risked 1000 wood. Higher risk, higher reward.
-You lose your investment if the market is destroyed.
-You can withdraw from the principal investment with a severe penalty–meaning you can get a fraction of your food, wood, stone back from the market or sell them at the then-prevailing market rate.

This system would make the market more dynamic, even useful (especially in 1x1 games). 1x1 games would mean more resources for both players because market prices would be tied to the game’s reality. The market would no longer be a building that players build, spam trade carts out of, and ignore until they need to offload a shipload of wood/food. Savvy players could buy up resources at market bottom, and wait for them to rise in price later in the game. It would force opponents to trade with one another, albeit in a roundabout way. To analogize the words of Milton Friedman when describing a simple pencil:

“Literally thousands of people cooperated to make this pencil. People who don’t speak the same language. Who practice different religions. Who might hate one another if they ever met. When you go to down to the store and buy this pencil, you are in effect trading a few minutes of your time, for a few seconds of the time of all those thousands of people… It was the magic of the price system–the impersonal operation of prices–that brought them together, and got them to cooperate, to make this pencil, so that you could have it, for a trifling sum.”

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This system would make the market more dynamic, and useful even in 1x1 games. 1x1 games would mean more resources for both players because market prices would be tied to the game’s reality. The market would no longer be a building that players build, spam trade carts out of, and ignore until they need to offload a shipload of wood/food. Savvy players could buy up resources at market bottom, and wait for them to rise in price later in the game.

Similarly, if players have more gold at their disposal, they are more likely to buy stone from the market. They could only invest however much stone is on the map, but they could purchase stone later with the money made on their investment. Additionally, how much stone is left on the map in imperial age limits this mechanic.

This system aims to create two prices at the market: the hard-bottom price (already in the game), and a second “market price” that should be more than the hard-bottom, but not exorbitantly so. (I.E. 100–this is the price that the market should operate at unless a player recently flooded the market, which should only drop the price temporarily). A player should go to the market and see “ooh, 100 stone for 87 gold, I’ll take 300.”

A new upgrade for walls that buff walls’ stats and unlock the Gatehouses which are gates that fire arrows and can garrisone foot units that fire arrows too. Can be placed over existing gates.
Cost: 75 Stone
Attack: same watch tower
HP: 3500
LOS: 8
Capacity: 5 units

I’m glad you like some of the new features.

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This was an idea in the beta stages of the game,not sure why it was cut tho.

Maybe to avoid use gates as towers?

I think so.
They should make Gatehouse with lower attack and shorter range than Tower, and/or if there is no garrisoned units it cannot fire.
But I don’t know its points. Gatehouse is still unable to resist siege weapons, and opponents would be more inclined to break walls to avoid it.

The initial thought was the latter because I didn’t think that far.

The former will encourage players to micro. I don’t know if it’s good or not, but it may be interesting. We can even imagine Coustillier being able to actively choose whether to charge or not.

Yep, I’d like Coustilleur has its charge mechanic changed a little in this address.
I think a couple of UUs mechanic could be improved:
Berserk could heal faster if is in stand ground.
Konnik could toggle between mounted and dismounted.
Samurai… well… you know…

Some bonus ideas that will overlap with already existing bonuses. Difference is existing bonuses apply to a whole group of units/techs/buildings while these will be too specific, and vice versa.

  1. Militia line +30% HP starting from Feudal. (May lack some blacksmith or barracks tech)
  2. Spearman/Skirmishers +25% HP.
  3. Knight line 20% cheaper. (No bloodlines)
  4. Knight line +10% HP. (No husbandry)
  5. All (Units, buildings, techs) wood cost -10%.

3 & 4 may sound OP on paper. But it all will depend on eco and other factors. Remember Franks was a terrible civ before forage bonus. And Burgundians was also bad before food discount on eco techs.

These could be intriguing. Despite the overlap with Vikings (infantry hp) and Byz (better spears & skirms), I think interesting designs are possible.

Here you’re just making fun of Franks and Berbers, aren’t you :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Sounds a little boring to me. Unit wood discount (for all units including siege), building wood discount, ech wood discounts and extra wood chopping speed all feel more flavourful to me.

TBH, all are boring, repetitive, and not new (and not interesting). But I’ll rather prefer these simple things instead of fancy/gimmicky bonuses that are hard to balance.

Push of pike: Infantry, or only Spearman line, have a smaller hitbox.

Arsenal: Blacksmith techs can be researched in the common way, or free but take longer to research. This is a concept from AoE3’s Springfield Armory, and it might be also able to have the equivalent version for economy techs (like Hamiltonian Economics in AoE3) or University techs.

Musketeer: Hand Cannoneer get the next upgrade, making it become Musketeer. Perhaps better projectile speed, rate of fire, and accuracy.

Imperial UU: Elite UU get the next upgrade, making it become Imperial UU. This means UU has a chance to become even stronger in the late game, or it means that elite can becomes cheaper and easier to access as a relay stance.

Galleass: Large defensive ship UU. Expensive, slow, big hitbox but high health, garrisonable and able to fire without turning. It has two modes that take a short time to switch: mobile mode and anchored mode. The former allows it to move, but can only attack in the common way. The latter makes it immobile, but has high attack, high armor, long range, and multiple projectiles, as if it’s a castle on the water. Garrisoned melee units make it faster in the mobile mode, and garrisoned ranged units allow it to have more projectiles in the anchored mode. This idea applies to somthing like Thirisadai, or like potentially the Italian UU Galleass for more Venetian flavors.


Which would be the benefit?

Interesting for economy techs or even university or monastery techs. For blacksmith techs sounds useles for open maps because delay the powerspikes which are vital in this kind af maps and too strong for closed maps because fast imp powerspike could be too strong, specially for archers. Of course it depends of the civ tech tree.

Beyond if musketeer belongs to Aoe2 time frame or not, sounds interesting an upgrade for HC, but idk if is enough interesting as for example Houfnice. Maybe if it add bonus against cavalry units could become the core unit for Imperial Age. This civ could lacks of pikeman upgrade like Turks and Gurjaras

I think Sarjeant should be like this. Make them cheaper, and upgradeable from Donjons.

Really interesting, I would make it very slow, expensive and unable to attack in mobile mode (like trebs), so is tanky but still you have to support it with minor ships. Once is anchored it should be really battle changer, like a main projectile with high attack (like koreans Unique ship) and secondary bullets (similar to hussite wagon, but stronger).
Beyond I think all ships should be garrisonable. With the lacks of this mechanic I think the idea of garrisoned units is too much.