[Just for fun] Unique bonuses for hypothetical new civs

The second one is definitely game breaking


I agree, but we said the same about second TC in Feudal or Khmer farmers.

Khmer farming doesn’t magically give you 20-25 vill lead 11

And fish. This would be interesting not as a civ bonus, but as a map bonus. For example, a herd of deer wanders in at the start of Castle Age. The opposite could also be fun, like sudden famine at a certain time or age. Forest fires?

Or more generally, villagers regenerate HP. It wouldn’t be enough to make them good infantry, but would allow a villager to recover from boar and wild animal wounds.

How about:

  • You get a % of the gold traded with your market. This would benefit being flank.
  • Monasteries heal
  • Pikeman in Feudal Age (to make it a difficult civ to scout rush)
  • Villager bonus damage against towers (to make it a difficult civ to tower rush)
  • Villager extra line of sight or automatic town watch (to make it a good civ for nomad / finding resources faster)

Basically, a small variation that would make an existing civ or new civ situationally interesting.

This would be perfect for a (forgive me for what i’m going to say) celts rework into a more similar to medieval scotland civ.
Or maybe a swiss civ.

I’ve seen this a lot too. Forgot to add it to the list. It would be a good farm bonus different than what we already have.

A minor bonus if the regeneration is like berserker or berber camels, but unique enough. I like it.


Eco boni from various mods which I really like:

  • Economic techs available one age earlier
  • Towncenters spawn 1 Villager in Feudal/Castle Age; Towncenter build in Castle/Imperial Age spawn 2 Villagers
  • Farms are 2x2 instead of 3x3
  • Mills, Lumber Camps, Mining Camps are mobile but have slightly less HP
  • Blacksmith upgrades are automatically researched for free an age after they become available
  • Upon Age, receive 1/2/2 free villagers.TC built in Castle Age spawn 2 free villagers
  • Villager work 6% faster
  • Drop-off buildings merged
  • Eagle Warrior upgrades free
  • Castle Age upgrade 25% cheaper
  • Economic units return 50% of their cost when killed
  • Start with +2 villagers but -150 food
  • All units cost 5% less
  • Receive 50 stone and 100 wood per age
  • 5/60 wood 4/50 food and 0/15 stone per minute generate in Dark/Imperial Age
  • +5 Villager HP for each Towncenter technology
  • Can create Cows from Town center which cost gold. Cost gold
  • Blacksmith techs cost -50% food
  • Dropsites research at twice the speed.
  • Castles get +2000 HP (probably too strong)
  • Towncenters (TC bonus starts in Castle Age), Houses, Docks and Markets build 40% faster

The next ones are bundled:

Bundle 1:

  • Start with -150f but +200g, +50 wood
  • Villager cost 55 gold, return 40 gold on death
  • Gold mines last 30% longer (=240 gold more each tile)

Bundle 2:

  • Villager +1 range per Age, benefit from Fledging, Bodkin Arrow, Bracer and Chemistry, do pierce damage.
  • Villager do +1 damage vs villager (to compensate that they do pierce damage)

Military boni:

  • Siege technologies 40% cheaper
  • Infantry armour technologies affect cavalry and archers, whose armour technologies are no longer available
  • Pikeman +1 range from Castle Age on
  • Barrack upgrades cost no gold
  • Stable upgrades 50% cheaper
  • Chevalier available in Castle Age (Probably without Blood Lines)
  • Fletching, Bodkin arrow and Bracer are free, but require a blacksmith
  • Projectiles are faster
  • Stables and scouts can be made in the dark age
  • Spearmen available in Dark Age
  • Archer-line upgrades free (too strong probably)
  • Archer line benefit twice from Bodking Arrow, Bracer and Chemistry (no Crossbow upgrade)




some nice ideas that other people recommended, i like how you point out when you think its too strong, but miss obviously too strong ones like this… :rofl:

like how good do you think 25 “weak” archers are vs a feudal rush? 130 free “weak” archers are in the imperial age? how effective is raiding when villagers suddenly become 60 archers… theres a HUGE difference between melee and ranged and you want to give them extra damage on top of that? even if they are very short range… (lel 6 range is more than quite a few units…)

They’d only have 1 range in Feudal and 0 in Dark. You also want to avoid villager idle time.

It could be OP for Tower rushes but even there I’m not convinced.

Don’t forget that your “archer” have ranged attack maybe but no formations , no stances and they do not autoattack.

I’m not sure there.


This one could work for Turks

what is peoples problem with turks?

i think something like university tech can be researched three times, may be OP though

my only problem with adding things like trainable sheep or vills use their bows is “why cant other civs do it”?


The same question could be made about every bonus in the game. The point of civ bonuses is to give civs something the rest don’t have, isn’t it?


my point true for ones like khmer houses (why cant other people hide in their house?), but what i meant was making a civ more logical is not a good move,
in reality a slavic farmer probably did farm faster than a British one, but when you give a civ vills that are smart enough to use their hunting bows for combat?
can’t a shepard breed sheep using food they bought with gold?
i hope you understand

3 new ideas:

  • All eco bonuses are available 1 age earlier (probably wouldn’t be as strong as you might think, similarly to Cumans)
  • All blacksmith upgrades are available 1 age earlier (though this could make crossbows, Knights and eagles particularly OP)
  • TCs +10 LOS
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Here are some from me:

  • Herdables have +2 LOS

  • Every kill your units get(excluding GAIA), you earn 5 gold

  • 2x HP on Houses and Drop Sites

  • Rams get +1 Range and attack 10% faster

  • Skirmishers attack 33% faster

  • Trade carts 2x or 3x HP (potentially op as a team bonus)

  • Every technology is researched 50% faster (except Age up)

  • Some civ should have a 3rd feudal unique tech at the Town Center

  • Trash units regenerate hp slowly (can be an imperial unique tech or a bonus)

  • Garrison sheep in mills to generate food slowly (will generate food at the speed of half of a dark age farmer)

  • Market techs cost no gold

  • Rax or Archery Range or Stable costs 50 less wood (starting in feudal)

  • Military buildings 2x HP

  • Military buildings have 2x space (0/20 instead of 0/10)

  • rax/range/stable/workshop techs research 60% faster

  • All buildings except towers/outposts/castles/TCs +2 LOS

  • University Techs 50% cheaper

  • Fortified Walls free

  • Siege Engineers free

  • UT - Cavalry have +8 anti cavalry armor

  • UT - skirms get +3 dmg vs infantry, archers +2


Farms are 2x2
Food gatherers pull 2 wood for every 10 food
Villagers +5 hitpoints each Town Center technology
Can build Storehouse (merged drop-off, TC techs can be researched too)
Trees last 35% longer
Mills, Lumber Camps and Mining Camps support 5 population
Miners don’t need to drop off
Recieve 1/2/3/4 free Fishing Ships in the Dark/Feudal/Castle/Imperial age
Lumberjack carry +10
Can train Water Buffalo from Mill (maximum 20)
Villagers regenerate 1 hitpoint per minute
Mines last 30% longer
Villagers work 5% faster (expect Farmers)
Farm upgrades give extant Farms additional food
Economic technologies are researched 150% faster
Lumberjacks don’t need to drop off food, but start with -100W (having no lumberjack upgrades)
Recieve 1/2/3 free Villagers whenever a new age is reached and new TCs spawn a villager
Fish last 50% longer
Gillnets is free
Foragers carry +15 and berries last 50% longer
Economic upgrades are available an age earlier
Meat don’t decay
Advancing to the Castle Age is 33% cheaper
Fishermen don’t need to drop off
Farms contain +125 food per age, starting in the Dark Age
Repairers work 100% faster and repairing costs 25% less
Military units (expect Scouts) cost 20% less food
Start with +150 wood
Technologies are researched 25% faster
Start with +2 villagers but -150F
Markets are independent but trading is 15% more expensive in the Imperial Age
Start with +150 stone
Fishing Ships carry +15
Farms give 10 food when built
Wheelbarrow and Hand Cart have double effect on Villagers
Can build Gardens in the Feudal Age (max. 5) [improved Farms]
Hunters don’t need to drop off food
Huntables last 35% longer
Economic upgrades cost 60/80/100% less food in the Feudal/Castle/Imperial age
Start with a Horse and 2 Houses
Own Herdables and Wolves are revealed
Recieve 100W and 100S whenever a new age is reached
Stone Mining and Stone Shaft Mining are free
Start with 3 Farms and a Lumbercamp

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Special ability from civ is to make invisible traps like burning oil that damage enemy who walk through the hole.

Each garrisoned relic +1 attack to foot archers (up to +4)
Camels move 10% faster
Free Crossbowman upgrade
Gunpowder units +1/+2 armor.
Skirmisher fire 25% faster.
Free stone mining upgrades
Free infantry armor upgardes
Villagers can collect food from fish traps
Just a few…


Get 100G per garrisoned relic
Monasteries get +20% HP per relic inside
Cheaper Siege Workshop technologies
Increased rate of fire for Town Centers (maybe starting in FA or increasing per Age)
Faster building conversion time
Hand Cannoneers cheaper food cost
More HP on Trade Carts
Start with a farm next to the TC
Economy buildings are built 50% faster
Economy upgrades are researched 50% faster

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I would like to keep updating this post with new ideas that suddenly come to my mind every once in a while.

-Skirmishers +1/2/3 range un feudal/castle/imperial age.

-Military buildings cost -100 wood

-Lumbercamps free. (Or maybe cost just a little amount of wood)

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