[Just for fun] Unique bonuses for hypothetical new civs

Bohemians already get Chemistry in Castle Age - I don’t think Turks would (or should) get the same bonus.

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All food cost -5%.

Yet another “boring” bonus from me.

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As they are the true “roots” gunpowder civ, I think they should and give bohemians other things =p

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The reason why they remove the whole CA line from Bohemians is because CA with chemistry in Castle age are way too OP. If Turks have chemistry in Castle age then their CA line maybe have a bit adjustment.

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Fair enough. It’s a big part of Bohemians’ identity though, so the “other things” would need to be pretty unique.

Well, well… Another fan who wants to buff the Turks like crazy? :thinking:

The Portuguese. Basically, Feitoria is a similar practice.
On the other hand, since the Turks are powerful when they have gold, they should be weak without when they have no gold.

Not to mention the balance. Look at the Conquistadors, Turtle Ships, Organ Guns, that’s not a problem.
Don’t use this as an excuse to copy the Bohemian bonus.

AoE3 style? Foot units at Barracks and mounted units at Stables, or melee units at Barracks and ranged units at Archery Ranges.
This might be available for a new civ as it is designed from scratch. But for the existing civ, impossible, otherwise it would change so many things, the balance and meta would become a mess.

Not really. Especially in closed maps absolutely not needed.
It is only worth talk about buffs after being nerfed.

Like Livestock Pen in AoE3?

I’d rather introduce an Livestock-Pen-like unique building with a chance to train livestock and fatten them up, and have it replace Mill just like what Poles Folwark does. If this mechanic was applied directly to the common Mill, there would be serious balance issues, so it should be another building.

That is how AoE2 works. I don’t think this is a particularly worthwhile change to introduce.
If it’s going to be a civ bonus, then I think there has to be a limit. For example, animals must be killed within the range of the TC, or even only in the TC’s movable area, to not corrupt.

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Hmm perhaps this is another Vinfriss. I shall report it. Thank you for finding that plague again!

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Time for more “boring” bonuses from me -

  1. Archery Range units 10% cheaper. Combination of Byzantines, Mayans, Huns and Italians.
  2. University technologies cost -50% or maybe even -60% food or wood.
  3. University technologies cost no gold. There are only 3 that cost gold - Ballistic, Chemistry and Heated Shot.
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Why do not let all land military units (excluding siege and monk) 10% cheaper?

I’d like the Vietnamese change the the free wood cost bonus to -50% but to all techs rather than only eco techs.

Also make Market techs cost no gold. May decently be better.

Sounds too powerful to me. Maybe balanced by no eco balance?

Sounds like a full sling TG civ. Need to be balanced by not having good boom.

Seems like a nerf tbh. A big nerf in Feudal and early Castle.

I wish this is for Bengalis. I think you will love a university bonus for them.

Honestly, even if all techs cost -66% or even -100% wood, I might not mind. Anyway I think it needs tests. Perhaps exclude unit upgrades.

Honestly, I prefer castle age Parthian or shared armor techs for the Bengalis.

Some ideas:

  • Sarira: Start the game with a Sarira. It’s a special Relic that does not affect Relic Victory and the Lithuanian bonus, and generates gold at 50% of a common Relic rate (ie 1 gold per 4 seconds). If this is considered too strong in closed maps, it can be changed that the Sarira is spawned at the TC advancing the Imperial Age after hitting. The Sarira could share the appearance of Piece of the True Cross, or even just make Piece of the True Cross has this mechanic.

  • Credit: Market has a charging bar. When it is full, resources can be bought for free once.

  • Junks and Donkeys can be trained at Docks and Markets respectively. They may have their own place, or they may directly cover the position of Trade Cogs and Carts.

  • Fire Lance: Introduce a Grenadier-like or Cannoneer-like unit to East Asian civilizations (excluding Japanese) at Siege Workshop in Castle Age. Does not benefit from Drill.

  • Buildings under construction start with 100% HP (perhaps excluding walls and gates).

  • Free Double-Bit Axe and Horse Collar.

  • Update the own explored area when hitting Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age or/and UTs are researched, total 3/5 times.

A new 2x2 tiles unique building that slowly «drains» stone and gold from mines in an area of 6x6 tiles.
Doesn’t work as a gathering point. Just a pasive gold and stone generator.
Maybe could drain in a 1:1,15 proportion. It means that extracting minerals by this method make mines last longer.

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This is just a skin change or do they function differently?

The initial idea is letting them being different units as they are different units in the editor.
I remember both Junks and Donkeys are slow but carry more gold.

I dunno about that. I wouldn’t mind seeing Turks receive Genitours, which is technically a buff.

Archery range units 10% cheaper ##### # ##### lot nicer than:
All units 10% cheaper. Except exclude siege. And ships. And wait… also exclude monks.

For what it’s worth, With Portuguese having a 20% gold cost discount on all units and Mayans having their insane archer discount, both these versions of the bonus feel really lackluster.

sounds fun

This does look interesting. But it’s also easy to infer that if it becomes a default, it would drastically change the Turks’ current balance. Simply put, this takes their archer resistance (especially in the late game) from weak to very strong.

What you are dissatisfied with is just the way my words are presented.
It would be more comfortable to read if it’s changed to “Units at Barracks, Stables and Archery Ranges 10% cheaper”.
Even it is still bland, it is still essentially better.


  1. Enemy units that kill or convert your monk, will die instantly.
  2. Castle can produce villagers.
  3. Militia line +1 range.
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This is seems very good. Would like to see how op is this UT in real game

An imperial age unique tech for a civ with no cavalier, only knight, and maybe even lacking blacksmith upgrades and/or bloodlines:

  • UT: Knights get +N attack.

Where N is a big number. Like +6, +8 or +10. Idk. The enough to make them strong but still balanced. The idea would be to give the knight a unique twist by making them like a glass cannon unit with high attack and low survavility.

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So like a worse Malian Farimbah?