[Just for fun] Unique bonuses for hypothetical new civs

Wolves count as huntable meat. Takes 10 arrows to kill it, but only provides the same amount of food as a deer. But at least you don’t need to aggravate it with an arrow to make it chase villagers. Also could be a disadvantage if you’re trying to do a sneaky forward because villagers from that civ cannot melee attack wolves. Not necessarily OP on gold rush because your opponent will know you’ll always try and go to the middle early to get the wolves and intercept.

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New Unique Building: Stud Farm (275 W)
A unique building that let you garrisone and healing up to 10/15/20 (feudal/Castle/Imp) mounted units only.

I think you could still have the starting scout not allowed to if we’re worried about laming. All new scouts would be able to as they can now.

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“Armories”: Blacksmith technologies’ costs are reduced by 15% for each TC and 30% for each Castle.

Armories is just a name for the bonus. Tho’ an armory could represent something else.

EDIT: Could throw in Dock techs and upgrades.

EDIT2: Changed ‘tech’ to ‘bonus’.

So,.you have to build a Castle, research the tech and then you have the discount?

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Don’t forget that you even have to make multiple TCs/Castles to get the full 100 % effect…

Nah, it’s just a name for a civ bonus.

Just to denote it provides an armory-like bonus.

EDIT: Made a mistake calling it ‘tech’.

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Does a civ have cheaper fish traps?

Malay have it(20 chars).

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Fish tarps generate food + gold?


It was okay for a resource to generate a small portion of another resource at first (with the Burgundians), but not anymore. TBH, the new unit spawn and resource trickle aren’t fun when they’re no longer unique
Lithuanians relic bonus is barely ok, Aztec monks are just below being OP. Farms that generate gold are fine, but relics that generate food? And for the same civilization? Come on!
Now we have wood that generates gold
Fish traps generate food + gold? What’s next? Free Feitorias for all new incoming civs that generate 2x or 3x resources?

Imperial Age UT - Trebuchet can be trained in Siege Workshop. Training time can be adjusted.


I sympathize with this point, but the purpose of this thread is to brainstorm bonuses for future civs, and if more than a small handful are to be added, some of the new bonuses will resemble existing bonuses (or techs). (Although I agree that the Burgundian relic bonus is overkill on that civ, and that the Polish gold-from-stone percentage is too high). But the alternative is to have things that are gimmicky and so wildly different that they don’t feel like they fit in the game. That said, the tweak that I’d propose to this bonus would be to have it only apply to shore and deep fish, not fish traps. This would incentivize wide water control and would provide a moderately lasting but not infinite gold supply. It would also have minimal functional overlap with the (bad water) civs with a similar gimmick.


Buidlings that generate resources and a small trickle from other places help represent the an economy that is not that Feudal. Perhaps it gets too close to AoE 3 but variety is needed.

Monks costs 50 gold + 50 food.

Some ideas. In the spirit of brainstorming, some are little gimmicky:

-Military units +1 LOS/Age
-Relics don’t generate gold, but rather provide a gold discount for all units: e.g. 6% each, up to 5 (30%)
-Bombard Cannons can destroy trees
-Forging line upgrades improve workrate of miners and woodcutters by 5% each (get all lumber/mining techs).
-Villagers have smaller hitboxes. (More of them can work around a single resource, less bumping).

-Unique Building: Estate. Combined farm and large house with 10 pop and garrison space.
Possibly trains a counter unit with a gold cost, similar to Flemish Militia.

-Unique unit that sets buildings on fire (possibly with a charge/cooldown mechanic). Once building is set on fire, it slowly loses HP until it is repaired or destroyed.

-Unique unit that deals permanent HP damage (standard damage + lowers total HP cap, cannot be restored via healing).

-Up to 3 Monks can garrison in any research building to increase the speed of tech research, by 15/30/45%. Includes TCs/Imp Research


A market replacement like AOE 3 Italians Lombard