[Just for fun] Unique bonuses for hypothetical new civs

Honestly it sounds too bland. When I read «sabotage» I thought in a one-use unit like petard that not explode nor damage buildings but it infiltrates in an specific building making it work %50 slower. TCs and Castles are inmune to them.
Once a building is sabotaged its owner can’t do anything to revert its state. Delete it an build a new one, or keep using it at half capacity.

It could be trainned in TC from Feudal age. Cost 100F 100G and takes 35 secs TT.
35 HP 0/0 armor 0.9 speed 0 attack.

A few general ideas that are not too fleshed out.

  • “Shield up” : long swordsmen and up take reduced damage for a few hits (similar to the Shrivamsha Rider ability, but instead of dodging, it reduces damage by a very few points). The purpose would be to make the swordsmen better front-line units for the given civ.

  • “Grapple” : when a militia hit a unit, this unit gets a short speed (mobility) penalty (non-cumulative). Sieges and heavy units (such as elephants) would not be affected. This would allow the militia-line to land a few more hits on faster moving units such as Eagle Warriors and Light Calvary.

  • “I’m on your side, Steve!” : Reduce the damage of friendly-fires from mangonels. The purpose is to remind anyone named Steve that it is better to use mangonels against the enemies than allies.


I like this as a UT, with the caveat that a dodge bar needs to let a unit completely dodge a hit. Otherwise it’s overly convoluted.
But yea a civ with a UT that lets militia units dodge projectiles could be cool. Depending on the empirical strength of the UT you could take away champion from the tech tree (it it’s strong) or grant the UT in castle age for cheap (it it’s weak).

As a variation, let the dodge bar block melee hits instead of/ or in addition to/ missile attacks.


don’t forget to discuss this lovely civ bonus idea :smiley:

This was a planned feature in the beta stages which never came to be.swordsman will hold up the shields and will take less damage from in coming arrow fire.

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抱歉我英文不是很好 :neutral_face:

也許是區域技術(Regional technology)
或區域經濟單位(Regional economic unit)
區域經濟建築(Regional economic building)
或是可以花費黃金購買牲畜 養馬放牧生產資源


This idea have been posted and discussed several times ^^

Its not new its called a storage pit in aoe.

Except for the farms. You need the granary to drop off farms’ product

Galley +1 range start from Castle Age.
Galley +1 attack.
Fire Ship is 20% cheaper.

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Some ideas:

  • One military building that can make barracks, archery range, and stable units.

  • A unique building that slowly auto-produces units (would need to take up pop space like feitoria or have a cap on how many they could have)

  • A unique unit with a poison attack

  • Free or discounted techs, but they take longer

  • A building that can produce herdables (or make it huntables if this would create a too strong synergy with a Gurjaras teammate)

  • A unique unit with an attack that slows enemy units (this may be super annoying though)

  • A mercenary building that produces units for a cheaper total cost, but the cost is all gold. Such a civ would probably have some kind of gold bonus.

  • Religious building provides an area of healing around it

  • The ability to create trees. They would probably have to be “constructed” in spots that already had trees before in order to prevent making ridiculous walls.

  • A building that increases move speed of military units around it, or make it so an existing building like outposts or towers do it

  • A building that auto-mines from nearby tiles

  • Scouts can harvest food from huntables


I have a problem with this. Luring in a certain way have the same result. You sacrifie scouting for more food, but with more laming potencial.

This is really interesting… like farms of wood.
Maybe as you say, soil wherre once there was trees is the only soild when you can plant these wood farms

All of them sounds good to me, even I have posted some of them.

  • Units that heal in combat.

  • Increasing attack speed vs. same target.

  • Fire or poison attacks (either damage over time, slow enemies or reduce attack).

  • Hammer melee infantry. Stuns enemies (with a % chance).

  • Siege infantry (like AoM Destroyers).

  • Shield wall stance for melee infantry (at least against building fire).

  • Maybe a hero unit

This would let them steal the hunt near the enemy base or other areas of the map.

And tjat is the problem

Ohh you don’t like that it has “laming” potential.

Eh I don’t see an issue with one civ having a bonus where they can do this. Often players don’t take their deer anyway. Also the player with the bonus has to make scouts, and then instead of using them to scout or raid they are using them to hunt.

What about the initial scout?

I mean sure if they want to use their one initial scout to slowly harvest deer instead of doing any scouting then it probably turns out to be a mediocre food eco bonus at the expense of having no idea what the opponent is doing or where most things on the map are.

But what if I just kill enemy deers and let them rot?

Starting scout can’t attack deer, is it necessary to change that for this bonus to be useful? (not entirely sure what op has in mind for the bonus)