[Just for fun] Unique bonuses for hypothetical new civs

Similarly, could it balance if goats and cattle can cost 50 food and 75 food (or 30 and 45) and take 30 secs and 45 secs for training at TCs respectively?
For comparison, a villager costs 50 food and takes 25 secs for training.

I could imagine that in the early game training livestock would bring a short-tern benefit as the food is gathered quickly, but it would be a the long-tern loss for economy as your villagers are going to be less than the opponent’s. Therefore people may prefer to train them in the Imperial age when the villagers are enough and TCs are free to do other works.

This might also be a long-tern livestock bonus other than the livestock market above, but I’d think it may be more suitalbe to the nomadic peoples in the Eurasian steppes rather than in the Sahara.

Literally worthless you are paying you are paying the cost of a villager +5 seconds without upgrades a villager can collect about 20 res a minute for the rest of the game. A sheep can be eaten for a net profit of 30-35 Food. Outside of Gujaras who get diminishing returns on garrisoned herdables. The only scenario where this could be useful is on Nothing Maps and when you manage to run out of trees.

  • Newly constructed Castle immediately spawns 2 UU.
  • Newly constructed Market immediately spawn 1 villager.

Maybe I already posted this one a long time ago.

  • Mercenary Unit. A unit that can be produced in some building. It isn’t affected by Blacksmith upgrades and civ bonuses. But it receives automatic upgrades with each age up and Castle technologies can affect it.

I think of the Albanian Stradiot. It’s featured in AoE 3 as a saloon unit.

Producing such unit is expensive early. But maybe at each age up it could get discount at least in the Gold cost.

And it’s meant more of a backup / reinforcement. No match for fully upgraded heavy units.

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Then you still can reduce the cost and the training time of the livestock to find a balanced point.

Why villager instead of trade cart?
Why market instead of TC?

The ideal state of the Kipchaks (Cuman mercenaries) and the Condo.

Wondering if there is room for such a set to be feasible.

  • No mounted unit available.
  • No Crossbow upgrade and Ring Archer Armor.
  • Villagers generate (for example 5% of) food when gathing wood.
  • Archers cost -33%/-66%/-100% gold and are trained faster by 0%/50%/100%.
  • Castle age UT allows the archer’s arrows to be poisonous, for example, causing the unit hit by the arrow to lose 1 HP every three seconds, for a total of 9 seconds.
  • Imperial age UT increases the attack power of Elite Eagles and Skirmishers.

Making the bonus useful in 1v1.

Already proposed in this thread for sure. Get 2 villagers after a TC construction (from Castle Age).

  • Stone Walls and Stone Gates are built and repaired X% faster. (Say 25%)
  • +2 ATK against buildings and fortifications that use Stone.

I thought of this one for a warhammer / flail unit:

  • The unit’s attacks treat the enemy’s armor value as half.

Wish I knew more of the medieval history of the Balkans. But I thought a new civ from the area could get a special upgrade to the Steppe Lancer. Some influence from the Byzantines (budget Cataphracts) and/or an eastern civ like the Tatars.

  • Serbians: Access to the Steppe Lancer and its special upgrade, the Balkanic Lancer.

Such upgrade grants it extra melee armor.

Team Bonus
Foot Archer +2 LOS

Civilization Bonus

  • Eagle Warrior upgrade costs are 50% cheaper.
  • Fletching, Bodkin Arrow, Bracer don’t cost food.
  • Archers garrisoned inside siege boost its speed.

Unique Technology

  • Foot Archer can’t be converted. (200f, 150w)
  • Archery Ranges shoot arrows. 5 range (fixed), 6 attack + blacksmith/university upgrades (400f, 400g)
  • Monks heal cavalry faster.
  • Monks can heal naval units.
  • Unit line upgrades decrease the cost of that unit by 10%

So for instance, Militia cost the normal 60 food and 20 gold, but Men-at-Arms cost 54 food and 18 gold, Long Swordsmen cost 48 food and 16 gold, and Two-Handed Swordsmen cost 42 food and 14 gold. The civ would not have Supplies or Champion for balance reasons.

Knights would cost 60 food, 75 gold, but then Cavaliers would cost 54 food and 67 gold (rounded down), and then Paladins would cost 48 food and 60 gold (rounded down).

Archers cost 25 wood and 45 gold normally, but Crossbowmen would cost 22 wood and 40 gold, rounded down, and Arbalesters would cost 20 wood and 36 gold.

All these discounts are added up from the base cost, but for balance reasons, perhaps the next discount can be 10% off the previous price.

If that were the case, Long Swordsmen would be 48 food, 16 gold, Two-Handed Swordsmen would be 43 food, 14 gold, and Champions would be 38 food, 12 gold. Perhaps Champions should be left off this version as well. Supplies is obviously not needed.

Paladins would cost 48 food, 60 gold. Perhaps they should be missing too.

Arbalesters would cost 19 wood, 36 gold.

Perhaps if we go with the second version, it should only be 5% off the previous price. Here’s what those numbers would look like (all rounded down):

Man-at-Arms: 57 food, 19 gold
Long Swordsman: 54 food, 18 gold
Two-Handed Swordsman: 51 food, 17 gold
Champion: 48 food, 16 gold

Cavalier: 57 food, 71 gold
Paladin: 54 food, 67 gold

Crossbowman: 23 wood, 42 gold
Arbalester: 21 wood, 39 gold

Here are some other unit prices as well:

Onager: 152 wood, 128 gold
Siege Onager: 144 wood, 121 gold

Capped Ram: 152 wood, 71 gold
Siege Ram: 144 wood, 67 gold

Light Cavalry: 76 food
Hussar: 72 food

Pikeman: 33 food, 23 wood
Halberdier: 31 food, 21 wood

Elite Skirmisher: 23 food, 33 wood
Imperial Skirmisher: 21 food, 31 wood

War Galley: 85 wood, 28 gold
Galleon: 80 wood, 26 gold

And so on.

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Gatehouses a unique type of stone/fortified gate that can garrison and fire arrows out of it.


One of the coolest bonus that I’ve ever seen.

Surely the tech tree need to be handicapped though. Especially in Imperial Age. Paladin or Bloodlines, Champion, Supplies must not be in the tech tree.

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Thanks! I’ve discovered that for maximum balance, it should probably be 5%, or else that civ essentially has all the military unit discounts combined, which is just broken.

Yeah, I already felt that Champion and Supplies should be missing, unless the second version of the bonus is used, with each new unit upgrade costing 5% less than the previous iteration. If we go with the version that applies discounts based on the base cost, and a 10% discount instead of 5, then Supplies is made up for completely, but in the second version, it’s not quite enough, but should still be removed for balance reasons.

I included Paladin just for demonstration’s sake. It should also probably be removed.

  • Economic upgrades cost no food

Unique Building

Militia Camp - Can train all 3 trash unit. Building cost 150 wood and construction time 40 seconds. Rest stats are same as Barracks, Range and Sable.