[Just for fun] Unique bonuses for hypothetical new civs

  • Rams/Siege elephants and Siege Towers slowly heal themselves (similar to the Georgians cavalry)
  • Infantry deal more damage when their HP is below 50%
  • Militia can be converted into Knights in a castle (the conversion speed would depend on how upgraded the militia is)
  • Chemistry increase the effect of Arson
  • When a villager dies while carrying resources, the player still receive the collected resources
  • Units are harder to convert when an allied monk is nearby
  • Units near a town center slowly heal (except sieges and ships)
  • Militia recover a few HP after killing a unit (except sieges and ships)
  • Scorpions +2 ATK against non-infantry units

Turbo Burgundians? I understand you won’t get early access. But this is a very OP bonus. Should be at best 60% cheaper.

I don’t like these type of mechanics but who am I to say anything. We might have flying kite that fires poisonous arrow and stuns enemy units in 2030.

I think this should be for all civs. Maybe a small generic tech in TC.

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Interesting idea,id like to see the reverse of this as well the enemy player gets the resources if they take out a villager with resources.


You get resources when your buildings are destoryed.

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Team Bonus
Scorpion +2 attack vs archer.
Scorpion +2 attack vs infantry.
Scorpion +2 attack vs cavalry and camel.

Civ Bonus
Scorpion +1/+2 MA in Castle/Imperial Age.
Scorpion +1/+1 armor.
Scorpion deals 100% pierce through damage.
Scorpion deals +33% damage.

Scorpion gold cost is replaced by additional food cost.
Scorpion attack ignores armor against non-siege units. (No Heavy Scorpion).

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Leaving aside stunning enemy, it shouldn’t be unacceptable if the poisonous arrow is just a UT, right?
Allows the Archer arrows to cause the target to lose Y or Y% health every X seconds until Z seconds after the last hit.
Maybe it would be fun without the Bracer, Chemistry, or Arbalester upgrade as It could make Archers still weak against ranged units while increasing their damage against melee units (especailly ones with high pierce armors).

  • The training of Barrack and Archery Range units does not require the full cost to be spent first, but an equal proportion of the cost during training. (If there are insufficient resources during training, the training would be cancelled and the paid cost would be refunded.)
  • An Archery Range unit uses 0.9 population space.
  • Villagers who collect berry bushes generate gold. (Like the Somali coffee export history.)
  • Coinage and Banking can be researched instantly and increase gold stockpile by 30%. (Team bonus maybe.)
  • Infantry (maybe not including Spearmen line) have +2/+4/+6 attack against archers in Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age.
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This reminds me of a mod idea I had where the Arambai projectile is replaced with a paper airplane.

Kites were used in war so possible uu in future?

**Korea 600 AD ~ The Samguk Sagi, written in 1145AD recounts how General Gim Yu-Sin (596 – 637 AD) was asked by Queen ####### (28th Ruler of the Silla Dynasty) to quell an uprising of rebels. While the General was pursuing his orders to squelch the rebellion, a shooting star fell. This was an exceptionally bad omen to both the rebels and Gim Yu-Sin’s troops, causing heightened anxiety to all. Calm and peace were restored when the General got the notion to lift a “fireball” (lantern) up into the night sky using a large kite. Thus, he convinced everyone that the shooting star had returned to the heavens and disaster was adverted.**China 1232 ~ According to Science and Civilization in China, J. Needham wrote that in 1232, the Chinese used kites for psychological warfare. Kites were used to drop leaflets into a compound that held prisoners. The leaflets incited a riot that led to the prisoners escape

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  • Loom, Wheelbarrow and Hand Cart can be researched on the Mule Cart.
  • Mule Carts can be produced from the Market and Mills.
  • Fish can be collected with the Mule Cart.

EDIT: When you delete a Mule Cart it explodes like a Petard. :stuck_out_tongue:

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  • War Galley line gain +2 attack against buildings and land units.
  • Militia line units and Infantry UUs (who visually have shields) have the covering capabilities of Hussite Wagons, or simply increase 1 pierce armor of nearby infantry and foot archer units.
  • Shepherds drop off +10% food and add it directly to the stockpile.
  • Every economic upgrade spawns a goat.
  • [Team] Receive 5% of gold when Markets give gold to allies’ Trade Carts.

What niche scenario would you be in where you have foot archers and a castle and the enemy has monks in mass 11?

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Very small imo. Can be 15% or 20%.

We have a tons of niche bonuses. I think adding one won’t hurt.

  • Villagers get faster attacks
  • Villagers get a bonus against X unit (say infantry)
  • Start with +150 food.
  • Archer line gets double benefit from blacksmith armors. (Ring Archer Armor is missing)
  • Eagle Warrior moves 15% faster starting from Feudal Age. (Squires is missing)

Unique Techs

  • Skirmishers +2 attack.
  • Eagle Warrior and Archer line gold cost -40%.

May be broken.

  • Palisades, walls and gates have the covering capabilities of Hussite Wagons.
  • Villagers ignore damage from other than the base attack.
  • Every building provides +2 populaiton space.
  • TC techs (except the ages) can be researched in Houses.
  • Scorpions have an indirect fire mode that fires bolts in a curve. The curve gives the bolts no chance of penetrating multiple units and only deals explosive damage when they land, but allows Scorpions to deal more damage.

Corral, a livestock building similar to the Gurjaras Mill but different:

  • As a teambonus allies can buils it.
  • Should NOT replace the Mill but must buildabile from the Dark age.
  • Spawn a 100-food livestock for 10 minutes, a 150-food livestock for 15 minutes.
  • Livestock animals can garrison into it and speed up the spawning rate, therefore theoretically it would get faster and faster as the game progresses.
  • You can choose which type of livestock it will spawn but the options would only be the livestock types garrisoned in there. If there no garrisoned livestocked, the default option is only sheep.

Ranged units would trade better against other ranged units (in feudal and castle age), though skirms would likely remain an effective counter (since they mainly rely on bonus damage). Melee units aren’t as badly affected by melee armor since they tend to have higher attack values. And mangonels are basically unaffected (though scorpions would be more affected in castle age). As it still requires investment (and since the ranged attack upgrades may still be a higher priority), I don’t think that this would be OP (possibly a little weaker than Koreans free archer armor upgrades, but not a bad bonus by any means).

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No. It would be better than the Korean bonus even though it has costs.
Just pay 100 food and a group of the skirmishers with 5 pierce armor would bring a very strong advantage in the Feudal age.
And the Crossbowmen with 4 pierce armor would bring a pretty good trade with enemy ranged units in the Castle age, especially when you lead the game from the Feudal Age. Even the Pavise bring only +1/+1 in the Castle age.
The double-effect infantry armors can be acceptable because the Militia line units are slow and have to come closer to deal damage, which makes them regarded useless particularly before the Imperial age.

They’d still die to scouts and you’d also need to pay for fletching (otherwise you’re outranged by enemy skirms). So the amount of investment in order to make use of this bonus is getting up there. And in castle age, it’s even heavier as you have to pay for bodkin arrow, crossbow (or elite skirm), and the second armor upgrade (and eventually maybe thumb ring) - a fairly large amount of tech investment, and they’d still be vulnerable to knights and mangonels (which don’t need quite as much investment). Sure, it trades well against other ranged units (though skirms are still usable since their base attack is barely doing anything anyways and skirms would still deal their full bonus damage) and they could dive under defensive buildings with minimal penalty, but there’s still sufficient counterplay. So I’d call it a strong bonus, but not necessarily game-breaking (though it may need to be paired with some tech tree holes - like missing redemption to exacerbate their siege vulnerability - or a poor early-game economy for balance purposes). And in Imperial age, it amounts to +1 melee armor, so not much benefit there.

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This would look really odd visually.