[Just for fun] Unique Units for hypothetical new civs

  • Mantlet Catapult
    Install the mantlet on the catapult. This gives it comparable armor to the Ram, but slower movement than the Mangonel due to being heavier, and maybe +1 minimum range.

  • Gendarme
    Alternative to the UU of Franks, when the Throwing Axeman cannot be used as a UU, e.g. becoming a regional unit.
    Gendarme and Elite Gendarme basically have the same stats like the cost, armor, etc. as Knight and Cavalier, only 10 more HP. This gives Franks with discounted Castles a chance to access the better cavalry, but doesn’t affect strengths and weaknesses of the civ, and still have to use Paladin in the end.

  • Adargueiros
    A kind of ranged infantry. Like a male version of Gbeto, but loses the speed advantage in exchange for a higher pierce armor.
    The army of the Kingdom of Kongo was a mass of levied bowmen with a smaller contingent of heavy infantry, which carried swords and shields. The Portuguese referred to the latter in their accounts as this term, literally “shield-bearers”.

Keshik Infantry

Cost : 60f/10g
TT : 14, 12 seconds
HP : 60, 65
Attack : 8, 12
ROF : 2
MA : 1
PA : 1, 2
Speed : 0.95
Los : 5
Specialty : Generates 8 gold/min while attacking enemy units
Upgrade Cost : 750f/600g

For comparison, Keshik produces 22 gold/min while attacking.