Just hope the third DLC is outside of Europe and I really mean outside of Europe (not Caucasian)

I think Finland + Estonia could be a good DLC, more on the theme of the Christian crusades and expansions in the north. Since the part about the Holy Land is already very well covered.

Having civs added only because it was an achievement for other civs to conquest them seems like a waste of a civ slot (if we get this low of an standard we can keep adding African, Asian or even American civs for ages). At least until the rest of the world is covered, Finns and Estonians are pretty bad civ choices.

Not all civs became successful, but that’s fine. Cumans didn’t make it. Huns didn’t make it. Goths didn’t make it. None of the meso civs made it. So I think in itself, a civ being not successful is not a problem, as long as they had some importancy and/or an interesting story to them. (Cumans were influential until their downfall, and how they assimilated into Hungary and Bulgaria is an interesting story too, Huns were undeniably influential in accelerating the fall of Rome, Goths also played part in the fall or Rome, and their own downfall in Iberia is also an interesting story. I think also all the meso civs that are in the game have an interesting story to them).


So do the Mississippians and there’s nothing in North America right now contrary to the Finns or Estonians or whoever else and btw guys why are you talking about the addition of Euro civs in a thread which is exactly not about that

Create your own thread if you really want to add Estonians or any other civ you wish to see and if the thread gets a lot of traction and likes the devs might consider it.

We’ve got 7 Euro civs lately to 1 non-Euro one so I definitely think the next two ones at least should focus on something else.

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But dude, two of these civs were two of the most influential civs of all time thanks to their conquests and all of them at least had an state. Finns and Estonians didnt even have a single impressive building as far as Im aware


I’ve just created a new unbiased one to get a better idea of what this community currently wants. Voting for no new civs is an option too:
Vote on future DLC civ-expansion by region (poll) - Age of Empires II: DE / II - Discussion - Age of Empires Forum

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Catalans / or Aragonese would be an interesting civ - it could also have a reference to the Basque, e.g. a Unique Unit or at least the name of a Unique Technology.

Venetians are also a very nice choice for civs. This civ could include Albanians in a similar way as mentioned above.

By adding these two civs, we already have DLC ready for the Mediterranean - one of its greatest powers. In addition, including the smaller nations that were part of these powers (Basque and Albanians) would be to roast 4 chickens on two fires - Aragonese including Basque, and Venetians including Albanians.

Wallachians / Romanians (Dracula’s campaign that does not have a civ) would eventually appear in this game to cover quite a large gap in Europe. They had three quite important countries - Wallachia, Transylvania and Moldova. Adding this civ makes perfect sense, and eventually the Dracula Campaign would stop being weird.

I think this civ could appear in one DLC along with the Finns (umbrella for Finns, Estonians, Karelians and Sami).

I think it would be easier to turn Goths into Danes (Huskarl is a Danish unit). Then the Vikings civ would represent Swedes and Norwegians (Icelanders etc too).

The same can be done with the Huns and rename them to some other civ (Mongolian, of course), which was longer relevant than the Huns.

Goths and Huns are too Dark Ages where the rest of the civs have more extended time frames.

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11 Love the enthusiasm man.

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It is worth noting that Venice has historically been separate from the rest of Northern Italy. It was in some ways the most powerful and unique of any other Italian nation (and had numerous non-Italian possessions as well). The addition of the Venetians civ makes perfect sense.

Then the Italians civ would represent Northern Italy, and the Sicilians would represent Southern Italy.

This map shows the Kingdom of Italy existing under the HRE (around 1000 AD).
It shows perfectly the separateness of Venice and even more clearly the separateness of Sicily.

It says here about the Kingdom of Italy - unfortunately it is not in English (I read it in Polish).

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It is a pity that the creators resigned from prosucing DLCs containing 4 civs - then you could immediately take into account all the missing civs from a given region.

Apart from Georgians and Armenians, I would like to see Khazars - 3 civs in the Caucasus DLC + Caucasian set, please dear creators :pleading_face:


I would love to see that if they stopped limiting themselves to 2 civs DLCs, especially with a Queen Tamar campaign and maybe a King Levon campaign for the Armenians (I don’t know what campaign could fit for the Armenians the most but they can still have something without ending up like Lithuanians pre-DoTD).


Queen Tamar could be another strong and valuable woman as a campaign character; just like King Jadwiga :wink:


Although I would prefer a King David the Builder campaign , Queen Tammar was a sublime monarch as well and I’d love a campaign set around her rule.


I’m curious about people advocating for Estonians and Finns to be added… is there anything you know about their existence in the medieval era that makes you want this, or do you just think that AoE2 should be made up of 20th/21st century countries?


As @Redstar819 said I’d like to see good arguments for those civs too. And please have the same standards everywhere. Else I can’t take you seriously. And why are we talking about Euro and Caucasian civs again. Stop derailing this thread.

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Interesting you are ok with Lithuanians representing Polės

You do the same in any thread talking about Europe, why be so hypocritical?


If you think I’m derailing your thread, feel free to report the relevant comment. I try to avoid it. I’m not going into your thread to intentionally derail your thread.

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So like you when you tried to shove your North American and Indian tribes into every thread discussing the addition and design of Poles and Bohemians before the DLC was announced?


I’m not doing this anymore. No reason to copy my bad behaviour which I regret if you don’t like it. That’s the Christian way to do it, if I’m right, am I not?


I’m not religious but fair enough. Let’s move on.