Just hope the third DLC is outside of Europe and I really mean outside of Europe (not Caucasian)

Has been a while since we’ve gotten African, American or even South Asian civs.


Tbh we know you think that but I agree either way


Caucasian is the best imo, I would argue Georgians are the most important medieval power yet to be represented



Tibet, Manchu, and some Indian civs are probably more powerful.

And Kanem is more longlasting as well.

Either way, yes Georgia is a cool civ


I know, I know, just wanted to start another thread with me bickering about the civ picks 11

Now seriously, I really hope we’re going to get some African civs again. The campaign map of Africa being almost empty, even though I’m not the biggest campaign fan, makes me sad. It’s even used for some Battle of scenarios.

Kinda a shame. And AOE3 just further proves how much potential there is there. Why not revisit this underexplored area again?


I know, but those can at least be represented by Chinese or Indians (even if those are not 100% accurate)
Georgia can’t be represented by anything, the Tamerlane campaign uses Persians… PERSIANS, that’s like having Slavs represent Byzantines lol


You know, I do want Georgia too, just not right now. Maybe in the fourth or fifth one, but not now.

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Not really for Tibet but fair point for the other civs

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True, true
Okay, Tibet is a close second for me, but I still think Georgians are more important (and to keep the themed duo of civs add Armenians too)
I still want more Indian and African civs too
Not a fan of American civs, only one I would personally consider is the Chimú
Tai are also on the list but lower than the others


I personally dont get how Georgia would be more important but sure.

Either way, Armenians have two okay kingdomsbut I think theres better options in the middle east

For example? I love to hear people’s civ suggestions as long as they aren’t for American tribes 11


I remember seeing your comments on some AoE II videos that you would like Georgians next. Do you want just to finally see them make to the game or you have already ideas for their bonuses and campaigns ?

Btw. thanks a lot for LotW theme for menu music mod.

Afghans (aka Ghurids + Delhi), Khazars, Sogdians are the three that come to mind

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What’s everybody’s problem with Native American empire builders like Mississippians?

Like, come on:


Those are not bad suggestions, especially Afghans, but Khazars and Sogdians can be represented by Tatars and Persians, unlike Armenians imo


Armenians can be represented by Georgians though.

Khazars are extremely difrent from other Turkic cultures, and Sogdians are closer to Afghans than to Persians but existed far before that

Pretty much anyone can be represented now since you can swap buildings in editor.
Eg. Tibet can be tatars serbia can be magyars.

I don’t think I have enough experience in the game mechanically to create a balanced tech tree and bonuses, I can give ideas, but not create a whole tech tree and bonuses, I’ll leave that to people who are more experienced than me

Glad you like it!

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Honestly I think it would be interesting to add civs from multiple cultures in DLC packs. Like one European, one Asian, and one American civ, or one African, one Asian and one American civ

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The od method was better yeah

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