Just me or Loved and miss Yucatan for 1vs1 ranked

Seriously this is my favorite map for 1vs1 ranked can we please get some love for it if ever on map rotation vote again. It gots trees lots of trees lol. Im a WOOD guy what can i say. but yeah seriously miss the crap out of this map for 1vs1 ranked the little river in middle, the trees, the everything strategys can use. The games sometimes weren’t over in 30 minutes so actually made for great games that were memorable. Let me know what yall thought of it if played it when was in rotation couple months back . Seriously Though YUCATAN Needs be perma 1vs1 ranked map like mega random. Its great and adds another set of maps can do for 1vs1 that cant find in Arabia or mega random or runes or any of those. We want some Tree MAPS! love them trees Yucatan #1 map for life!

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is just you.
and maybe some clown players.
civ balance is off on yucatan, lategame you can’t patrol without hitting the wood or lakes.
sames with monogolia.

The beauty of clowning on arena is that you can go hyper aggressive in early castle. As yucatan is rather similar to black forest as you have impenetrable forrests sourrounding your base there isn’t a lot of clowning you can go for here. It’s wall and boom all the time. Not much else to do here. That’s why it’s not really popular I guess (as isn’t bf for 1v1).

Ya but the maps are mostly all the same runes is just like arabia, and etc. so ya yucatan brings in atleast different type of map from the norm.

In some sense it is just a lighter black forest to me…and I like BF more lol