Just Played Act of Aggression

Just tried out Act of Aggression released in 2015. Although it had much to offer from specifications, to infastructures and to customizations. But you had really no idea what is going on, what are the factions, what units, buildings you had currently selected, construction deliveries being stuck, energy breakdowns even though you got power plants, scarces alimunuim resources being run out. Still no idea or clarity about technology resource. Then very vague, unwanted details comprising what should be the useful details regarding how we gain a particular resource through which infastructure?, lacks statistical value. Buildings are not clearly named. You can create huge army but managing them is difficult because the control group mechanism is just pissed off. Then there are factions even like USA which had no airbase. Then menu features at the bottom during the gameplay is not well organized where industries and militarty bases icons are mixed off. Then the game got the bugs espically during combat engagement. What are your views regarding AoA rts if you had played share this in the comment section below.

Nice game. It’s one of the better C&C clones with some interesting aspects like capturing banks. It’s from Activision and carries the Atari logo. The developer was Eugene Systems. I have played the originals in the past and latest 2015 version. Even played some MP LAN, very entertaining. It’s available on Steam.

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