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I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this mod.
Thanks for the feedback.


I don’t usually play with mods in any game really, but this just improves the Germans so much thematically and adds a new Prussian civ as well.

My friend, I would like to translate your mod into Portuguese. Could you guide me which file should I translate and where should I put it to work?

Have you done any of the modding before? You should go into the mod and go to data/strings and copy the english folder and make it all portuguese. You can send me the translation and I can put it into the mod if you want.

I will do the translation and send it to you. Do you know if I need to change the language of my game for this to work? by the way, congratulations for the work

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My friend. whats your e-mail? tranlation is fine

my friend, every time I change the file or replace it in the folder, the game asks to update the mod, then I lose the translation

Sorry I should have mentioned that I have to update the mod for that to work. You could try putting the mod in the local mod file as Porttranslate/data/string to check to see if it will work. I can send you my email. Would you mind doing the translation for Napoleonic Wars? It is basically the same string just with some extras. I take the text from that mode and delete some to make Just Prussia.

I read your message on the other mod I have. I appreciate Your desire to pay me but it isn’t necessary. This is project of love more than anything and so I will always keep this updated. I don’t have any other ideas for other mods. I didn’t worry about translations just cause there would be so many and don’t know who would be needing them. Now I know Portuguese is requested I will make sure it is always included.

Absolutely love the mod! The custom units and the whole feel of the Prussian civ are great! Noticed that most of the normal units don’t have any voice files, would love to see the German voice files added at some point!


Thanks a bunch, I’m glad you like it.

Do you have examples? I tried to included all of them but I could have missed some.

Never mind! I had other civ mods installed, but once I uninstalled them, the voice sounds came back for every unit.

Meu amigo, fico feliz em ouvir isso de você. Espero que deus lhe abençoe e que você e sua familia tenham saúde. Nao consegui traduzir o arquivo, pois eu uso google tradutor, e o google coloca alguns espaços. Eu agora uso o mod das guerras napoleonicas. Excelente. Se pudsr habilitar o português. Somos em 9 amigos aqui no brasil que jogam seu mod. Parabéns.

I just updated the mods with language support. If you see any errors, since I don’t know Portuguese, if you can send me the correction and where the error is I will fix it.

Meu amigo, você fez atualização para qual mod? Guerras naooleonicas?

Acabei de baixar o guerras bapoleonicas. Ficou perfeito.obrigado