Just realized that 3 Missionaries (Japan card) used to be 2x the value and never got adjusted with their rework

Before DE launched, a Missionary cost 100w 100c so the 3 Missionaries card was worth roughly 600 res of units (pretty comparable to all other age 2 cards for Japan). With the launch of DE a couple years ago they no longer cost pop but are also half the price, making this unit shipment very low in numerical value (half of a standard age 2 unit shipment despite the pop reduction). I know it’s mostly just there to provide an alternative to building a monastery and researching the tech that enables your Sohei to heal, but it’d be easier to justify if there were 4 or 5 of them in there for faster healing. Then again, I don’t personally use them so my analysis isn’t backed up by experience. Do any of y’all use them in your decks?

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No it’s a totally useless card.

the better option is early dutch cons church and just train a monk or 2. cheaper than monastary tech and has all the other perks of the church


it’s a meme card ig. or better put, it was there for flavor. if devs wanted it to see use, I think it would be better to move it to age 1 and change nothing else. realistically tho, it will never be touched, and that’s fine for me

They should provide unicton. Prove me wrong.

Unction stacked with the Daimyo auras. What could go wrong?


Exactly. Nothing could go wrong! :smiling_imp: