Karambit Warrior ability description

Among other things it says “Strong in high numbers.” But I can’t find anything on whether that means they get damage bonus if you have an X amount of them, or is that how the game advises us to mass this unit.

Personally leaning towards the latter, as I see nobody even briefly referencing this part of the ability.

They dont have any ability, they are just very pop eficient


Don’t take these descriptions too seriously. They are pretty off in a lot of cases. What’s good about the unit is that they only take half a pop and are extremely cheap so you can field huge masses of these.


Unit size very small; therefore, so many karambits can attack 1 target.


It means “Weak unless massed.”


Actually would like some info on this - are they ~1/2 smaller in each dimension when collision is considered?

I am not sure but 4-6 karambit can fit 1 tile.