Karelian Jaeger (Finland) isn't affected by economic upgrades of any kind. WHAT... FIXES ARE IN THE GAME BUT NOT APPLIED?

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  • GAME BUILD #: V.100.13.12327.0
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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Karelian Jaeger isn’t affected by any economic upgrades being card ones or market ones.

:arrow_forward: FREQUENCY OF ISSUE

100% of the time.

:arrow_forward: REPRODUCTION STEPS

Revolt with Finland and ship the “Northern Wilderness” card to see the other resouces too like coin or food, since wood he can collect by default.

:arrow_forward: EXPECTED RESULT

He should be affected by those tecnologies, an issue specially when you compare with other villagers at the age 5 or other revolutions.

And, i don’t want to abuse but, could you also allow some more buildings?

:arrow_forward: IMAGE

I make some edits to simplify and compile in just a few images.

Default Values:

More default values:

With some upgrades settlers got the benefits, but Karelian keep everything the same, so i don’t include images again. They keep the same values as the late pictures.

Also, i know it’s said to list one issue, but i must try in this one, about some buildings.

I would discard the walls and the Tavern if the idea was to fill the 6 slots, of course, if you agree with this. Losing the livestock with Finland, hurt more than losing a Factory, and since he can collect from estates too, why not allow him to build it? Same with the other ones, that you can miss before the revolt, and need the techs after. And for last, could he collect from Mills too?

Please consider. Thank you for reading.

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I agree, this error has caused Finland to fall into disuse.


Karelian Jaegers should be able to harvest at the same rate as villagers, this is not true because they are not affected by economic upgrades.

Please resolve this error.


Just hope this got fixed soon.

Finland deserve to Rock.

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I see the other posts are being answered…
This issue is being tracked too??

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I hope that the developers will see this topic soon and manage to correct the problem :pensive:

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Question, How would Finland be if they fix this bug? What stats would the Karelian Jaegers have?

Note: I imagine cards that buff villagers would also affect the unit.

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Hmm… well, let’s assume they put the “Villager” Tag into Karelian Jaeger.

If that’s the case, he would be affected by market technologies too, so, aside from the economic ones that would be the same, only advantage would be in the estates that Karelian collect faster only in base stats, and techs are based on that value, so, they could let the way it is for more uniqueness, or balance to not outplay in gold collection. In both cases, i would be happy.

The concern could be the other “Fight” techs, like the “great coat”, and “blunderbuss”, or even the “pioneers” card that give:

  • Blunderbuss: + 3 attack +, 4 range, + 4 LOS
  • Great Coat: + 35% life
  • Pioneers card: + 65% life

The normal stats are (upgraded):

  • 22 Ranged Attack → 24 Attack (with arsenal)
  • 20 Range (arsenal don’t affect)
  • 180 HP → 192HP (Arsenal Techs)
    (Multipliers in the images above)

So, with the market affecting karelian too would end up like:

  • 25 Ranged attack → 27 (With the Arsenal + Blunderbuss)
  • 24 Range (20 + Blunderbuss)
  • 312 Total possible HP (180 HP (Normal Skirmisher techs) + 42 HP (Great Coat) + 78 HP (Pioneers) + 12 HP (Arsenal Tech))

OP for a Villager? Yes and no. Even ending as a good unit, it won’t fight most of the time, since villagers shouldn’t anyway… A villager fighting, is a villager not working. Take the Canadian one (specially the French variation) for example, end up as a powerhouse but not used in front lines. Karelian in this hipotetical case, wouldn’t end too OP I think. Almost no one ships the “pioneers” card anyway.

At least would give Finland a REAL unique feature, a REAL Hybrid unit. A cool one actually, when i see the stats. Correct me if i miss any fighting tech.


Basically it would go from being a paper unit, to a pretty good unit, I don’t see a reason not to tag them as “villagers”

Great, now we just need a developer to pay attention to this topic. :laughing:

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They can easily modify those techs to remove their bonuses from the Karelian after applying them to the Villager tag. It’s quite easy and less effort than manually modifying gather rate techs to affect Karelians.


I believe i corrected the game verson now.

Well, i hope, but the gather rates are more important for him than the fighting stats.

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Âş Resurrect.

Is this issue still unresolved? because I think it can’t be on purpose, the Karelian Jaeger is clearly not working as intended.

I think this is a good solution, the Karelian Jaeger should have the Villager tag.

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The lack of a dev reply it’s bothering me too. Played them today, not even a “secret patch” yet.
Other solution could be:

  • They could also give villager a skirmisher attack (Similar to haiti pirate) instead of Karelians, and let Karelian to fight with some new cost. Finland would still have the infinite blockhouse, to be the backbone of revolt. This still would make the Karelian Jaeger important, since neither Russia or Sweden have a 20 range unit. No promotion plz.

Either way, they need that eco solved asap.

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You imagine that the reason they don’t do anything with the revolution in Finland is that it’s the next civilization they’re going to add. :rofl:

PS: I hope they fix this bug, it doesn’t make sense that this unit doesn’t benefit from the Villager tag!


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Maybe this issue is a decision by design.

When the card says at the same speed of a villager, maybe it implies an unupgraded villager. That means that isn’t worse or better than a villager, not that the karellian jaeger becomes an upgradable eco unit.

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Would be a nice surprise, with a Heavy Metal age up…
We’re asking them so many times, that the next patch notes will say:

  • “Here your cursed karelian fixes…Now you 2 shut the F*** up, Patch 1023.F*** 34.”

Oh boy, i really hope not. All other civ/revolt got the proper eco upgrades, they’re only denied to Finland, who don’t even got a proper military unit (K.Jaeger must keep gathering resources). Could be a decision if they got anything else to make it for the eco lacking, but only the Blockhouse Spam isn’t enough to compete with the other ones.

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ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Fooling around with the game, there’s a unit that got THOSE EXACTLY things we’re talking here, i’ll try to find some images to show you guys… OMG, it’s close.

OLDERBURG HOUSE, for anyone interested. The map to see?? “Karelian Lakes”… How familiar…

My revolutionary comrade, I’m already preparing the court for this case, hehe.

Only to build anticipation.
Now time for revelations.

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The royal hunter of Oldenburg, they are able to hunt wild animals.

Canceled the guillotine? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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So, as I mentioned before, and added some more… Rants, into the topic name… I find that the “Royal Huntsman” is almost what we need for Karelian Jaeger. He can only hunt to get food (actually, he can get treasures too, until you research his tech.

In this image, as you see, he’s affected by “Economic Theory” AND by “Hunting Dogs”… Those buffs apply to villagers only:

  • “Well, Outlaws (gauchos, jagunços, Llaneros) also collect some food…” Yeah, but they’re not affected by upgrades, since their collection is more a bonus, than a necessity. Here we have a clue for our fixes because:

Royal huntsman lost this tag AFTER the tech, making him a full military unit.

  • Why Karelian Jaeger (Finland revolutionary/villager) can’t have the opposite with the “Northern Wilderness” Shipment… or even before since he’s a villager anyway?? Of course some more buildings could be added for him to build but, half the problem could be solved with this.

I’m not asking a fix that’s not in the game already, as you see.

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I hope that in the next patch they will solve this problem. :pray:

I hope we have a next patch lol.