Karelian Jaeger (Finland revolution) need to be able to build more

Karelian Jaeger, is a Hibrid of a villager, and a skirmisher, when you revolt for Finland with Russia or Swedes.
Still, he needs a card to be able to get some resources. (It´s in portuguese, but i believe you guys can undestand quite well)

After this, he do NOT GET the economic buffs (Since he DON´T GET THE “VILLAGER” TAG), nor he can build some important economic buildings, to get from Herdables, or plantation… Not even the arsenal, so, you need to build before revolting. But of course, it can be destroyed, and if it is… yeah… gg.

Here you can see, that altough he´s collecting, he can´t build much… I Believe this great impact Finland revolution…

Finland has one of the most annoying Blockhouse Spam in the game (Other revolutions having to be a FORT spam). But their “villager” can´t back up much since Karelian don´t get the eco upgrades, and can´t build important economic stuff. GOD… EVEN WALLS!!!

Could this change guys?

Need some eco power here. And a more “Field Unit” would be interesting here, like allowing the “hakkapellita” for Russians (to create them, not only ship), for ex, or an all-around discount. All other revolutions you got a Special Unit costing only food, or gold, but finland only got a villager and since you don´t send villagers to fight… you know… it ends lacking a bit.