Kasbah on Kreposts

Don’t you guys think that Berbers UT1 Kasbah should also affect Kreposts?

I don’t have much to say about this, but found this actually weird, since Conscription does affect Kreposts.

Concription affects TT of all land military non-siege units (exept Trebs). But Kasbah is very specific - affect only Castles. Krepost is not a Castle.


No, this is wrong. It multiplies work rates of Castles, Kreposts, Barracks, Archery Ranges and Stables.


  1. Trebuchets are created faster.
  2. Researches at these buildings are done faster.


  1. You can check the Genie editor.
  2. You can use the Scenario editor.
  3. You can watch SotL’s Vietnamese overview (their free bonus).
  4. You can read on wiki.

The Krepost is designed to be a mini castle. Both ways of arguments can go in its favour.


I think it makes sense to have Kreposts be affected by it.

There’s so many possibilities of technologies affecting other things that affect other things and so on…
I bet devs didn’t even consider that just because there was already so much to think about.

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I’m fine with devs implementing it or not, but I would love to have them respond and conscientiously and consciously decide in this regard.

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But Kreposts are not affecting by any of the other castle specific techs, like Hoardings, Crenelations or Kipchak Mercenaries.

If Krepost should indeed be affected by Kasbah, they should also benefit from the techs above. I don’t really care either way.

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Neither of those techs Bulgarians have so it is okay it wasn’t progarmmed for Kreposts.

This is the property of the unit Elite Kipchak that it is trained at the Castle, and not Krepost. The Krepost has a very specific role of protecting an area and creating Konniks.

Right, but that’s the rule you just set. One could just as easily say that it’s a property of Kasbah to affect specifically castles.

I am comparing properties of castles and kreposts. Cuman mercenaries is a property of the unit, and not castle.