Kastor is gone

Game Version:

  • Build ((2.8.5288199))


I am playing Odin’s Tower (chapter 4 of atlantean campaign) on Hard difficulty and after a long, hard battle I’m ready to take down the final temple. Alas, Kastor is nowhere to be found. I know he was killed a couple times during this scenario but he always came back. I have looked all over the map for his body to no avail. The hero flag at the top of the screen is gone too (as if he didn’t exist).

What has happened is that the Norse built over Kastor’s dead body, so you can’t complete the level.
I destroyed all their buildings his body would be found. No such luck.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Destroy enemy bulding
  2. Move Kastor in the same place of the building
  3. Kill Kastor
  4. Wait for the enemy to rebuild
  5. Kastor dissapears