Keep the maps randomly generated

I don’t think this was discussed and I think it’s of utmost importance for the AOE gameplay. I’ve seen one or two SC players criticizing AOE for having RMG (random map generator) which can result in unfair maps for some players. However, this is what defines AOE and part of what kept it going for so long feeling fresh, where every game plays differently. AOE doesn’t want to be SC or some other game with static maps, a very important part in the game is reading the map and adapting.
I also wanted to stress the important of the RMG since Relic doesn’t actually have any game with a RMG in their CV. I hope this will be their first one. AOE wouldn’t work without having the maps created through a RMG.

This is one aspect that’s uniform in every AoE game. I doubt you’ll find much resistance to this idea around here.

Yes, but I was thinking the devs should reinforce this idea as well. Hopefully Relic actively checks forums too.

I agree that AOE 4 should have random generated maps but I dont think it should be limited to just that kind of map. I will say however that I think players should have a sub terrain choice when selecting a random generated map with a core base terrain to build from. Example:

  1. Select Random Map
    a. Select Sub Terrain:
  2. Desert
  3. Mountains
  4. Islands
  5. Jungle
  6. Plains
  7. Valley
  8. Beach
  9. Rivers
  10. Plateau
  11. Random

Once you have selected your sub terrain, the following will be randomized/spawned on the map but not guaranteed when generating.

  1. Trade routes
  2. Village outposts
  3. Treasures
  4. Resources
  5. Animals
  6. Water
  7. etc

So all you will know is the Sub Terrain of the map if you have selected one. You will NOT know how the map will generate or what will spawn.

Yeah, why not mix random generation with static generation for fair play? For example, lets say that players will start in the desert. Each player will get an oasis with fertile land nearby to get food or none if there is a big one in the center that you have to fight for. The rest of the map is randomly generated for sure. Another example is lets say your in the jungle, each player would get mirrored amount of resources at their spawn location, and the rest of the jungle is randomly generated.

Just keep the static generation barely enough resources to last to the ten minute to twenty minute mark, so that you force the players to expand outward where they find randomly generated sources.

Oh, and I like having options to what kind of map is generated. Perhaps you can even have matches with no static generation if you choose to do it.

Sub terrains? So, say you select (aoe2 terms) Mongolia and sub terrain Valley you get a Mongolia-style cliffed map with the standard resources both around the starting locations and on the rest of the map but with green grass, more elevation around the sides and some extra sheep to be found?

That actually sounds kind of cool. It would up the different options for maps a lot. You would get a lot of type-subtype combinations that barely differ from each other, yet if the system is well made it could still become relevant. The extra sheep on valley for instance would reward early exploration of neutral terrain, which in turn puts less emphasis on scouting the opponents base which influences early aggression and promotes picking up found relics in early castle age. Variation like that will make it just a little harder for people to start getting good from learning a proper build order, unless I guess they always play the same map type combination.

Random generation is only way to keep the game strategically interesting.

Has to be, or AOE will be downgraded and will be like other RTSs.