Keshik has no bonus against Shock Infantry

Everyone knows China is very vulnerable against heavy cavalry since Keshiks are weak without using 2 cards for them. But what about Shock Infantry? As soon as I play vs Inca and they get about 20 Chimu Runners, my army gets destroyed.

Today I noticed Keshiks have absolutely no multiplier vs Shock Infantry, but 3x vs Cavalry. Shouldn’t they have like 2,5 or 2x against Shock Infantry? Changdao have bonus against Shock infantry aswell.

Mongolian Scourge also doesn’t add any bonus against shock infantry whatsoever.

This seems like a glaring oversight.

<damagebonus type="AbstractVillager">0.500000</damagebonus>
<damagebonus type="AbstractHeavyCavalry">3.000000</damagebonus>
<damagebonus type="AbstractCoyoteMan">2.500000</damagebonus>

You’re misunderstanding how the multipliers work, which isn’t unexpected since the in-game UI doesn’t even display them properly. Anyway, Keshiks, like most Light Cavalry, don’t have any multipliers vs Cavalry nor Shock Infantry. They have multipliers vs Heavy Cavalry and Hand Shock Infantry, which are assigned correctly.

As for the Mongolian Scourge card, it also does increase their Hand Shock Infantry multiplier correctly.

The only oversight here is how confusingly is the information presented in-game.


Oh thanks a lot! So the multiplier against hand shock infantry is 2,5 it seems. And what is it with mongolian scourge?

Should be 3.5? The description says adds 1 to the bonus.

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Can confirm that their modifier against Hand Shock Inf increases to x3.5


Thanks guys. I hope the UI gets updated in the next patch. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought Keshiks have no multiplier vs Shock Infantry.