Keys/mouse unresponsive in games over 15 minutes with dravidians

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  • GAME BUILD #: Version 101.101.61591.0 8647032
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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Lose control of input, can’t move the camera or select unit or click UI buttons. Can however, alt tab, alt+f4. When I alt+f4 I can press yes or no but when pressing no, I go back to being “frozen out of a game”.

It has happened in 3 out 3 games that went on longer than 15 minutes with dravidianss (I played one game in between with the hindustanis where we left before that time had elapsed since we were waiting for someone else and just killing time.

MP game, moderate, byzantine map, around 30/40 minutes of play each time. 2/3 human players, rest AI.

One thing I noticed is that the ethernet cable of the notebook is lose, so it falls down so it may have started as ethernet and switched to wifi. Is there any way to test if sudden change of networrk adapter might’ve changed things.

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  • 50% of the time / matches I play (FREQUENTLY)

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I don’t know exactly what causes this other than playing as dravidians in 30/40 minutes in a multiplayer game with AI in moderate.

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The game would let me have normal control of the UI. Normal play. Not frozen.

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Update: I used a wifi only connection and finished a full Multiplayer game with the dravidians.

Steps to reproduce could be trying to simulate an Ethernet cable that is making contact and not (Which I guess might have be detected intermittently by Windows and the game and might cause the bug)

Hi @FunesMoriSteam !

Were you using F7 and opening the chat when this happened?

Unlikely. I don’t use chat nor do I think I’d accidentally press F7 since it’s pretty far from any other key I’d try to use.

It happened again (not close at all to F7) with hindustanis and wifi only so it’s not the network adapter. It was close to the end of the game so I chose to stay there while my teammate won against AI and once the game finished I recovered control.

I had several successful games with wifi before this.

I can share the recording for the latest one if it might help.

Edit: I started this game outside of steam (directly the exe) this time.

Sure please share with us that recorded game if possible ^^