Khaganate can be "reset" to make only knights

After quite a few tests, every time the Khaganate is producing something and it is then packed and unpacked, it sets to producing Rus knights.

Also, please, please, PLEASE reconsider the completely random nature of the units produced.

If it must be “random” then make it work the same way as Tetris does for example. In Tetris each “bag” of 7 pieces will contain one of each, but the order is random.

So for the Khaganate it would randomly produce one of the 7 units, but then that unit could not be produced again until the other 6 had been produced, and so on.

This would be a much better design than completely random.

I have not done sufficient testing to determine that it is 100% fully random without any weighting, but I did enough to show that it is not something like what I described above. I was able to get the same unit at least four times before a specific one of the other options had been produced once.

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both means will have a similar result in the end, if the distribution is a percentage equal to all units, however much you can repeat the values from time to time, the distribution tends to be equal in the end

so I don’t see a problem with repeating it and it still makes it unclear which unit should come next, the fun thing is a game in the dark

now, if it is the way described, the player will know that he will have an equal army of each unit, taking that little surprise box, there is less adaptation by the player, because he will know how his army will be

I believe it’s better to leave it randomized, and if the player wants to choose the army, don’t do it

No, it is way worse being randomized. You could get lucky and get 4 trebs in a row, or unlucky and get 4 palace guard or something instead.

That is a terrible mechanic for something competitive.

Imagine that deciding a tournament game.

It used to be randomized between 3 options which was bad enough (and it was never used anyway). Now it is 7 options and some like the trebuchet are very strong.

Thanks for reporting @CRothlisberger—the team is looking into this! Expected functionality here is that the production order continues when packing and unpacking rather than restarting.

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