Khaganate Palace inconsistency, missing new unique techs

multiple bugs from the same root problem with outdated Khaganate palace units

  1. Khan’s Nest of bees from Khaganate Palace landmark are missing the new Chinese unique tech Additional Barrels. This is inconsistent with as Khaganate Palace guard having Battle Hardened, most of the Rus units have their UTs. It would be a nice buff to an unpopular landmark getting the rest of them with full post-imp flair too.

  2. Rus Knights are missing Poleaxes’ new visual effect, they have the +4 buff from old Sabers instead.

  3. The horse archers do not have Mounted Training for Gallop ability. They have the old tech mounted precision for +1 range only.

  4. Warrior monks do not have Boyar’s fort, Saint’s veneration, Fervor or any of the other techs. just baseline.

  5. Please consider giving the Mangudai Improved Siha whether the player has it or not for the sake of consistency. Or cut the mangudai since it doesn’t quite fit the landmark theme and there’s already horse archers…

Mongol changes feel great overall though! :smiley: