Khaganate Palace rework: the Dogs of War

The Khaganate Palace has lots of potential (i.e. theoretical, but not practical) value for immaculately timed pushes and build orders…but offers almost no flexibility and is completely useless if pop capped. It’s one of those landmarks that is relevant <5% of the time. Instead of allowing things like a choice as to which unit is produced or something…how about something a bit different but still in theme with the Mongols and their history?

New Khaganate Palace:

No longer spawns a random group of cavalry themed units. Instead spawns a “Dog of War” (see: Subatai - the Dog of War & The Mongol’s Most Accomplished General ( that acts as a second Khan (and shares all stats with a Khan) and can be maintained at the same time as the original Khan. Allows the Mongols to field two “Khan” units at once. This allows Mongols to split their armies for thematically appropriate flank and hit and run tactics and have buffed armies attack on different fronts. It could also come with a baseline reduction in Khan/Dog of war respawn time (going from 120 seconds to 105…or even 90, whatever feels right in the end).


Yes please.

This is a really good suggestion. One of the biggest issues with the Khan is the long cooldown on abilities.

This would essentially half the cooldown time / allow you to use more windows of oppertunity.

Alternativly, I dont mind making a large group of cavalry units, if it allows you to CHOOSE which units to produce.

What I don’t understand is simply what in the right mind were the devs thinking?

Wynguard is a very similar landmark, but is just much more superior to it.
I don’t understand why Khaganate palace at the very least was designed similarly to the wynguard.

Letting you choose / purchase group of cavalry, be it lancers, mangudai or horsemen. Mixed in with a scout for each of those groups.

Right now the White Stupa is just so much better in every possible way.

It allows you to get Imp-mongol upgrades.
Allows much bigger flexibility in granting you “free” units.
It functions even when Pop-capped, stocking up on stone almost indefinitely when not used.

I’ve tried making the Khaganate palace work many times, but its just not worth it in the end.

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Interesting idea. Definitely better than what it does currently.

I… really like this idea! Maintains civ identity, adds strategy, thematically appropriate while different enough from White Stupa… top notch! Only thing I don’t like is the name ‘Dog of War’ :stuck_out_tongue: . Would just prefer ‘general’ or something.

It’s an excellent idea! I will include your proposal in my personal feedback about balance.