Khaganate Palace should have toggles ala Military School

Khagnaate Palace feels like a roll of the dice. This is fine if you’re way ahead in military numbers than your opponent and all you need is a little something extra to diversify your attack.

But what if you’re under duress and need to swing the momentum in your favor?

I propose 4 toggles that can be set during pre-build. Once a unit training has started a new toggle can be chosen. The toggles are:

1.) Melee: includes Palace Guards and Knights.
2.) Ranged: includes Mangudai and Horse Archer.
3.) Siege: includes Nest of Bees and Huihui Pao
4.) Religious: Warrior Monks


Yes please. I tried using the palace seriously. But you simply can’t-
It just far to random, and only thing that makes it viable is when you get a few giga-trebs.
I would say the NoB are nice, but only getting 1 of them randomly significantly reduces their viability.

Tbh, I don’t get why it cant just be toggable, or at the very least, just like the Wynguard palace.

Why does the English get to specifically choose what they need.

but mongols have to go to the casino and hope for the best?

Units you get from them are nice, thats not the issue.

but if you are pressing the front, and need something to effectivly knock down a landmark castle that is in your way.

A Huihuipow is nice.
Getting Horse-archers or Mangudai dosn’t do you much.

Also many of the unit’s dosnt synergise well with mongol units.

Horse archers are pretty bad running with mangudai’s. (they are better grouped for themselves).

Palace Guards dont mix well with MaA (the difference in damage soak and runspeed, causes them to naturally seperate in combat). Not to mention if you already invested heavily into cav, suddently getting infantry wont do you much.

The NoB’s dosnt go well with Mangonels due to difference in set-up time and fire-rate.
Nor are NoB’s particularly effective in such few number so late in the game.

So far the most usefull units are:

Warrior Monks
Palace Guards
NoBs (only if you get lucky and get 2 of them in a row)
Rus-Horse archers (If you don’t use mangudai, and manage to get a descent mass of them)

I would rather see something like the English Wynguard palace instead:

Option 1: Yuan Tribute - 6 Palace guards + 1 NoB
Option 2: Golden Horde Tribute - 2 Rus Knights, 1 Warrior monk, 5 Horse archers
Option 3: Ilkhanate Tribute - 2 Camel Riders + 1 HuiHuiPao
Option 4: Chagatai Tribute - 5 Mangudai + 2 Lancers

All of these options should be around equal in resource value.

ya i mean with dehli u have free deterministic auto units
with english deterministic special units

and with mongol ur leaving it to luck?