Khmer farm bonus

That bonus is fine at least it brings something unique to them with their unconventional bonuses (Villagers can garrison in houses, no buildings to advance ages).

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And then proceeds to list a further 2completely unique bonuses on top of one of the incredibly few civs to not only field elephants. But a bleeding ballista elephant. Like those bonuses don’t make them unique enough :joy::joy::joy: whatever man

They needed “something unique” because otherwise they don’t have identity? Like how every 2 in 3 civs has some kind of wood discount. Or how similar huns, cumans, tatars and mongols are :joy: khmer gets completely lost amongst all the clone elephant civs :joy::joy: ffs man dream on

Yeah, that’s kinda the thing that pisses me off
Literally most balance topics now just want historical accuracy.

Historical accuracy isn’t bad, it added good stuff to the Mongols. But we are attacking civ bonuses just because they aren’t historically accurate


These unique mechanincs are fine, they give civs a different experience than the rest. I mean, they’re fine whenever they are not over the top unique, like some proposal of healing auras and hybrid land-water units and those weird ideas for hypothetical news civs. That just not belongs the game.

Khmer farm bonus is a good level of game mechanics alteration for the sake of an identity. It just skips the dropping mechanic for one resource. Nothing weird invented, not over the top. Not that they needed uniqueness though, having two unique bonuses already (age up buildings and house garrison). Gameplay-wise the buff was needed and well recieved.

Being myself a supporter of historical accuracy to some degree, I can say these critics of game mechanics not being realistic don’t get this game is not meant to be a simulator. Like the recent camel bouns againt elephants complain thread…


A friend told me about this solution and seems interesting and also has another side effect: if vills need to wait until they get the max amount of food before droping it, khmer is also more vulnerable to raidings.

The current state of the bonus protect them from raidings because vills never have food with themselves. If they correct the “insta gathering”, now you can raid and kill vills before they deposit the food in the bank, making khmer more exposed to lose food to raids, like every other civ.

I really like this idea, because the insta-collection is like a second farm bonus: they dont need buildings to deposit food, and they deposit food instantly.

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they still avoid wheelbarrow and handcart and can live longer without it

When they can make farms next to houses or other buildings as they can do next to tcs its basically the same change just that they still need to walk but not jump that 10m. And with the other eco bonuses they have save eco and also can use houses to berry mills or dear which in itself is still very strong

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