Khmer farm bonus

It feels completely wrong or is it just for me?

Not that it’s overpowered, it just feels as wrong as lasers or helicopters in medieval world would.

Solution: villagers can drop off food into houses


no, its actually quite fine, to compensate they don’t gather at the same rate of everyone else. if anything else needs to be done to nerf it, they can just make it so they “drop off” the resources at max carry capacity instead of every time they gather it.
Frankly, i wish every civ could farm this way.

Celts gather wood faster, Slavs farm faster, Koreans gather stone faster, Turks gather gold faster.
other civs get eco bonuses other ways. this is no different.


The thing I want to say has nothing to do with farm bonus being OP. It is just weird, and regular gather rate + dropping off food to houses would be just as strong but more natural


i mean it isn’t the only RTS to do something like this, look at Rise of Nations as a good example.

and no, just dropping off at houses wouldn’t be as strong.
part of what makes the bonus so good is the fact that you get that constant trickle of resources, which means you aren’t waiting for your farmers to drop off resources before clicking that next tech.

imagine you’re waiting to click up to Imp. you need 1k food. you’re sitting at 985 food and you’re workers just finished a drop off round.
it might be a good 10-15 seconds before you get that food unless you manually drop off.
with Khmer that is never the case.


Natural? This game has vills that work non-stop in peak efficiency, siege engines that seemingly move without humans, scouts that magically report you back in real time. I don’t think you should look for realism in this game


It definitely does feel like it needs a check. Khmer, such a versatile civ with so many techs, and they are allowed the best eco bonus in the game, overshadowing Slavs with the farming. Slavs have to pay for the eco bonus by having horrible archers. Vikings have to pay for the insanely good eco by having horrible cavalry. Khmer don’t. Khmer can do Arbalests, Siege Ram, Halbs, Hussars, Cavaliers, strongest Elite battle elephants, Strongest Scorpions, even having half-usable HCA. Something needs to change, but i’m not sure what.


Most civs have magic portals in all their buildings. It isn’t particularly weird to me that Khmer invented a portable portal for farmers :wink:


Before the Khmer got their farming bonus, they were literally considered to be the worst civ in the game. It is true though that their farming bonus helps them immensely.

Yes, noone denies that. But now are plain OP

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Really? Talk about auto everything lol.

I’ve seen many people putting Khmer farm with other “auto-everything” memes, but I don’t understand how they are more or less automatic than other farms, as villagers drop ressources by themselves anyway.


Less micro required for eco management. Drop a farm wherever your vil is and forget about it. In seriousness I dont know that it really is “auto” but it does atleast reduce the micro you need to do.

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It does not fit the theme of the game, that’s the main thing.

There are multiple options to give a food bonus, it comes down to a lack of imagination.

Kind of ridiculous how the deliberate addition of teleporting resources in a medieval game is being tolerated and justified because some other (practical) things about the game also aren’t realistic either… come on.

And yes khmer basically have auto farms, eco wise there is nothing about them to micro.

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So ressources teleporting from the mill to your production buildings is fine but not from the vill to the mill?


I’m sure this is a logical fallacy. I don’t understand why you think it’s unnecessary to find the best solution.

So ressources teleporting from the mill to your production buildings is fine but not from the vill to the mill?

Your comparison isn’t exact. They introduced an anomaly to the existing logic since usually all villagers walk to the mill. The original devs could have chosen to display carts moving between storage and production, but they did not. That doesn’t mean we don’t have to be critical when looking at these new developments, and integrate them as fitting as possible.

I share the OP’s thoughts since the first moment it was announced, it doesn’t fit the game at all.

If people are in favor of khmer farms, they need to make a case for why it improves the game. Not dismiss other valid criticism.

How it improves the game? By making Khmer not utter trash. Some people have suggested to replace this bonus by the ability for farmers to drop at any building but to me it sounds like a gimmick more than anything else, that won’t let the civ be very good.


There are many ways in which you can boost khmer eco.

This is not about what you want to achieve, but how we’re gonna do it.

If you’re in favor you have to explain why it does fit and/or benefits the game.

One benefit could be that it is a unique mechanic, which in principle is good to have in a game. However I don’t think it fits or is necessary.

Some people have suggested to replace this bonus by the ability for farmers to drop at any building.

This would be a disaster, eg; villagers walking into the worst directions when under attack.

Completely wrong? Just for you :joy:

yeah it is a weird one, and i definitely prefer this option. the only unit in the whole game that basically bypasses the drop off mechanic entirely. not only being able to drop off food at the farm itself, but being able to trickle the resource, those are two seperate issues and neither of them appear anywhere else(except the feitora but thats a building and you pay your chops off for it including pop). if anything i also think its pushing things a bit far (and im not talking realism, im talking an exception on game mechanics)

as we’ve seen from the numerous requests for other forms of drop offs for other civs it also set a weird precedent where people erroneously thought it could be applied to other types of resources

Wrong khmer was a strong and solid pocket civ for team games, they were only relatively weak in 1x1, the bonus they got broke the balance, khmer boom surpassed vikings boom, but the difference is huge, vikings don’t have acces to death ball army composition like a khmer player has.