Khmer farm diversity

just a reminder for the peeps that are like

“tHe kHmEr fArM iS bAlaNcEd iT’s iNcOme iS the SaMe aS eVerYoNe eLsE”

who on earth can do this with their farms:

i come past with my cannon galleons have to kill every single farm to stop his income, nevermind the time he saved, nevermind the EFFICIENCY… who on this planet can just nail farms at random … remember that the next time you say “tHe kHmEr fArM iS bAlaNcEd iT’s iNcOme iS the SaMe aS eVerYoNe eLsE”

would love to see how you get 1 tier farm efficiency here with remotely the same wood cost, and then on top of that he can hide his vils in the house …i still won so this isnt a “loss rage post”


But it’s an “I got annoyed with them in a particular game” post, isn’t it? And what’s the map, nomad or continental? Certainly not a map where Khmer farming strives. Fishing or wood bonuses are more important here.


Agreed. This is a situational thing where Khmer farms are convenient due to space savings. It’s fine. This isn’t something to change the design over. Unimportant IMO. Yes, you can’t just kill the mill with Cannon Galleons - if you have the water control to do that, it doesn’t really matter if he can farm anywhere or not.

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Khmer farms are what happens when people run out of ideas, they come up with teleporting resources in a medieval game. Don’t try to justify it by saying other things also don’t make sense, there is no excuse when there could be many alternatives that fit the style of the game.

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who cares, it was a breathe of fresh air. It took Khmer from meme to still hilarious but meta


Ffs you troll… So even if i pre empt an ad hominem you clowns will still find an angle, who cares if i got annoyed with them… The point still stands troll, that farming bonus is still usable and has its benefits… Go back to your troll cave

It specifically for the guys that keep bringing up the sotl video (think its sotl) on how khmer farming isn’t that effective or as powerful as people keep saying… And they never talk about all the other advantages of khmer farming just the pure 1 tier farming comparison like that’s all that matters.

I honestly always had mixed feelings about khmer farming bonus. On one hand, the civ really needed a big eco boost. On the other, I feel like this kind of bonus doesn’t really fit into the rest of the game, which relies so heavily on optimizing your eco.

I mean, considering how much people complained for a small automation like autoscouting (which hardly makes a difference at high level), I was really surprised how easily this kind of change was accepted.


If you are able to destroy all drop off points against ‘normal’ opponents, you can also easily destroy the farms against a Khmer player. This seems to me not really an issue.

I don’t but you being annoyed is still no reason why Khmer farming breaks the game.

Of course, it’s a great bonus. It’s not ridiciously op as you are suggesting, though.

Make sure there’s a stable internet connection and I’m up for it!

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That’s the whole point of a civilization bonus…? To be usable and be beneficial to the civilization that has that bonus… if it wasn’t it wouldn’t be a bonus lol.