Khmer needs old scorpions range

Khmer has 0 chance against nations wiht siege onagers.
And this is because Khmer was ruined by dev decisions to nerf their ballista range. in AOK they outranged siege onagers
On top of it they removed bombard totally ruining this civ.

Man Khmer Scorpions are already a scary unit, and for that reason Bombard Cannon was removed from Khmer.


Khmer didn’t exist in AoK :joy:. They didn’t exist until Rise of the Rajas in 2016, so I don’t this statement is very accurate.


they need bombards to counter siege onagers

No, they don’t. Even in black forest, you can still use Elephants or Hussars or something against SO to varying levels. Khmer Elephant Scorp should shred most things. Besides, it’s fine for some civs to lose against certain units or comps, especially if said unit/comp isn’t reached in most games, and in BF, they are already a really good civ, they do not need bombards or extra range on their scorps.

You know that they were taken away from them, because Khmer was too strong?

FU Cavalier, which is all you need for 1v1
Arguably the best Battle Elephants, which is great for teamgames in the lategame
FU Hussar with one of the best farming ecos.

What else does a civ need to qualify for “good cav” in your opinion?

btw. Khmer is still a very good civ in all stages of the game. They are surely not “ruined” and also they don’t “need” anything. They’re in a pretty good spot. Clear strengths and clear weaknesses.


That’s precisely why bbc was taken away from them. So that other civs have a realistic chance to beat them on closed maps. Now khmer die to halb SO on these maps, yes. But khmer are great on open maps where you don’t see these unit comps. Just live with that. They simply have too powerful eco and too strong units to give them bbc. Each civ has its advantages and disadvantages on certain settings.


Imagine saying that khmer existed in age of kings and thinking people should take your ideas seriously.


lol ok, Khmer is literally insane on any map right now, I was watching Daut play vs them on Arena and it’s one of the modes where they should be less strong, but they are hard to stop there too.

You ask for buffs to a top5-top10 civ that is good basically on ANY map…

I think he meant the Scorpion mechanic in AoK, in which Scorpions has 5 base range but were affected by Fletching line of upgrades. Civs which had SE and Bracer were already top tier with Scorpions (for a total 9 range). In that hypothetical setting, the Khmer Scorpions will have 10 range in Imperial Age, completely breaking them against non-Cavalry units.

Just for my curiosity, I am listing the civs with both Bracer and SE:

  1. Britons (lacked Heavy Scorpion)
  2. Vikings (weakest Cavalry - no Husbandry and Plate Barding)
  3. Saracens (lack Heavy Scorpion)
  4. Japanese (weak Cavalry - no Plate Barding)
  5. Mongols (questionable Cavalry - no Plate Barding but extra HP on Light Cavalry)

Back in AoK, Light Cavalry were affected by Husbandry twice, so Vikings were at a special disadvantage there.

OP giving a masterclass on how to say you’re a very low ELO player without saying you’re very low ELO.


I think this would not be enough for Khmer. They already have +1 range as a team bonus, plus Siege Engineers and their scorpions shoot two projectiles, but still that’s not enough. Give them the range of Trebuchets, so 16+2. Then it will be fair! :crazy_face:

OR you can spam hussars with your scorpions or do something else instead of crying about an already very strong civ with probably one of the best scorpions in the game.

Also, all scorpions need +1 pierce armor, perhaps very slightly less HP. In addition to any Khmer tweak

Castle age scorpions don’t need +1 PA (they already only take 1 damage from even cav archers) and heavy scorpions got precisely this buff in a recent update.

Sounds like complaints of a BF player that’s obsessed with post-Imp fantasy compositions.
That’s not really “Vanilla AOE”, leave Khmer alone.

Khmer is my all time favorite civ, there is no room for a BBC in Khmer tech tree, I’m being real, stop comfort yourself with overly conviniet fantasy compositions. It’s a strategy game, grow up and think.

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The op plays exactly that type of game. post imp start with death match level resources.