Khmer problem in team games

I agree with some things but some of the changes proposed here are too drastic IMO

For nerf the Khmer without destroying them drastically:

  • Lose Crop Rotation
  • Battle Elephant speed bonus reduced to 10% but to compensate it affects Ballista Elephant
  • Maybe a penalty here could work (Farms cost 75 food).
  • No longer has access to Hand Cannoner (Seriously did they used gunpowder at the time?).
  • Perhaps increase the cost of Tusk swords a bit like +100 or 200?, Stirrups is such excellent tech and is by far more expensive than tusk swords to compare.


PD: I honestly don’t play much team games and my rank doesn’t allow me to do an accurate feedback here, but comparing to all other civs with farm bonuses (Teutons get cheaper farms but their core units are very slow, Franks with free farm upgrades but their tech tree is more limited into cavalry, Slavs with fast working farmers but again limited into siege and infantry with some cavalry support) , honestly the Khmer feels soo flexible and unreasonably strong, but this also comes from a civ that once was the weakest in 1v1.

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Just give them a different, balanced eco bonus that factors in their tech tree strength and military bonuses. The farm bonus was definitely a bit too strong for a tech tree so flexible and three deadly power units + solid trash line. They didn’t lack in defense either. Giving back BBC should also be considered


The farm bonus is nice. Why not simply remove an eco tech, as the OP suggests, instead of removing a fun innovation?

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Losing crop rotation won’t hurt them at all(heavy plow will though), they save a lot of wood without having to build mills. I believe people will always complain about Khmer TGs until the bonus and their strong elephants exist

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I agree, better to hurt their wood or gold eco. If team games specifically are the problem, you could even hurt their trade eco.

Its not about not hurting, its about changing anything :smiley: But go ahead changing the civ entirely just to keep the game breaking portal gun in place, in the end they dont have bbc, SR, HC, Arbalest, Husbandry, the knight line and in the end no elephants at all :smiley:

If you read my original comment, I didn’t advocate removing techs, just replacing the new eco bonus

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I will tell you to do what nili said: “If you think something is unbalanced and impossible to counter, just make that thing everytime until you know a counter”
as simple as that
they dont need nerf, tbh, but just my opinion


I stand corrected, my bad, its hard to keep track, sorry

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What I see happening with Khmer in high-level team games, especially on closed maps like Arena, is the following:

  • The Khmer player can get a crazy fast castle time (< 14 minutes) because they don’t need to build Feudal Age buildings to click up. This gives them a kick-start and allows them to start their Castle Age boom faster than other civs can ever do.
  • The Khmer castle age boom is strong, allowing them to build on that advantage and keep the (score) lead in Castle Age.
  • In Imperial, it is hard to counter their Battle Elephants, especially if a teammate counters enemy Halberdiers.

Of course it depends on the game, but in general that is what happens in team games on closed maps. When I see a high-level Arena team game with a Khmer pocket, I know that team has an advantage.

Removing Crop Rotation won’t do much (it only affects the very late game). Removing Hand Cannoneer is irrelevant. Farms costing 25% more is too drastic, and I don’t like the combination of a farm bonus and a cost increase. Reducing the speed bonus of Battle Elephants could be an option. Another obvious nerf is to reduce their farming rate more than the 3% they did last time. Or allow them to advance to the next age with one building (in Feudal: Archery Range, Stable, Blacksmith or Market) instead of 2 for other civs. Although that might be too drastic as well.

I support the idea to make small adjustments instead of very drastic ones. On many maps and in 1v1 Khmer is not overpowered at all, so they should not be nerfed to a point that they become weak civ in 1v1.


They farm slower than Slavs.


And then there are indians discusting civ in 4 vs4

On arena counter a khmer is possible u only need to play halb and siege, but i think they real strength on TG can be on Arabia that farm eco bonus makes sc into elephants no that hard to pull out, so hard to stop even knowing its coming and usually the guy is on feudal going heavy archers cant stop it even with the help of the pocket going kt