Khmer too Op

i dont want to write down long sentense
just wanna say -_- please think reasonably…

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I’m not sure about the civ itself but mass Ballista Elephants are a real nightmare and most advice you read on how to counter them is “well don’t let the Khmer player hit Castle/Imperial”.

Always love good advice like that… good luck doing that in a 4v4.

Removing the splash damage would really help with making this unit more balanced. In turn, adapt the costs if necessary.

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Dude, if you don’t tell us why Khmer are OP according to you how are we supposed to guess?

The Ballista Ele really needs a good mass because it deals less damage than Scorpions. And having both Cav and Siege armor is one of the worse combination in game. Add to the that the excessive price and you have a quite niche UU.

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A niche UU almost every Khmer player spams in lategame. I wonder why… just to give you some vague idea:

They should loose crop rotation, or even handcart. They mid game is okey, right now. But they post imperial is too powerful


Ballista Eles are not nearly as deadly as most new players think. They die pretty hard to Siege Onagers or Heavy Scorpions. New players tend to underuse siege as a counter so that explains a lot of the complaints.

Now yes if they are massed to insane numbers like 80 then sure it can be hard to clean them up, but then again many units are hard to deal with in such numbers. War elephants would be extremely broken too with this logic.

They are so hard to mass and underwhelming in low numbers that preventing the Khmer to reach such a critical mass is not specially hard.


That’s what I mean. Khmer are good right now. Maybe a little op in post imperial, when you’re 200 pop, but until that point they’re not that good. They’re a great imperial civ but that’s it

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Ballista Elephants have less range than fully upgraded Arbalests and they can be easily converted using Monks, especially if you have Block Printing. Also, the numbers you face will dwindle if they run out of gold.

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Really never thought I’d see this thread a couple of years ago.

Hit the Khmer before they get to mass a pop cap of elephants. Like you would any deathball civ.

Be happy you aren’t having to deal with Siege Onagers, which is what you’d need to push through on any other, far superior deathball civ.

Ballista elephants also can be stopped by Rams, Mangudai, Magyar Huszars, Camels and Eagle Warriors.


I dont think they are OP. I dont see many people using them

Khmer imp deathball is ridiculous. Elite Battles Elefants + Scorpions is crazy.

Was playing arena 4v4 as portuguese and just got overrun. Halbs died in seconds. bbc and arbs then shreeded by the elefants. no way to toch the mass scorpions with that insane meat shield in front.

Their army is too pop efficient and the elefants even destroy buildings quite fast

Rams? You mean fully upgraded? What if you cannot get upgrades? Mangudai? Magyar Huszars? Are those not unique units, specific to a certain civ? Camels? possibly could be used. However, eagle warriors? I do not think eagle warriors would fair too well against a mass of Ballista Elephants. :smiley:

19 civs get Siege ram so it’s not like it was a rare unit. Capped rams can work just fine too, and you don’t even need Siege engineer against siege.

Eagles have bonuses vs cav and siege, and it happens that Ballista eles have negative siege AND cav armor. Eagles also are cheaper and faster to both produce and upgrade. Point is: if you allow the enemy to amass a full Ballista ele army while you had such an efficient counter ready without using it, you deserve to lose.

FU Ballista Eles have half the range of an unupgraded BBC…

By this logic playing Khmer when you could be playing Persian is a waste of time right?


I think its crazy that khmer has a really strong farming bonus like the slavs but great much better post imp units like battle elefants. They can fill the field very quick with those very pop efficient units. On arena you can click up to castle age in no time and boom with 3-4 tcs because they dont need special buildings to age up. I think a nerf could be that the khmer player need to build at least one of those requirement buildings to click up.

Would that also apply if the game was arena?? Where the enemy starts off with walls??

Also, the notion that “you should have acted before enemy amass a specific unti type”. IS in fact, highly illogical. What about if the enemy shoots from behind walls? and amasses that way?

Tower rush, Castle drops, Siege+Monk rush… It’s not like walls are unbreakable.

Khmer bonus is still not as strong as Slavs bonus, when the math is done, Spirit of the Law has a video on this.
Slavs Heavy Scorpions is still more cost efficient than Khmer Heavy Scorpions, and they also have bonus damage against Elephants.

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Another possible nerf could be a 15% increase in age up cost? :smiley:

Only works if enemy does not have ranged units to stop towers from being built early in the game.

Possibly. However, i could still see problems with actually implementing this against ballista elephants.

Monks vs ballista elephants?? Monks will be shredded, won’t they? I suppose siege could provide some protection. However, monks will just be sniped by ballista elephants; Unless the civ making monks is spanish with faster conversions and missionaries. :smiley: