KI not have an army / not attack

KI only have army of 10-20 people

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Multiplayer
  2. 3 Human-Players vs 2 KI (difficult)
  3. Map: Random
  4. Population: 500
  5. Aim: Conquest

The KI attacks after about 15 minutes with 5-7 people. I killed him and he never attacks again. After i reached 500 people I went to his starting-place and see that the KI have built about 20 castles but only have 1 battering ram and about 5-10 archers.

Played 2 games with this settings and two times the same problem.


i find this happens on hard and lower with new a.i. they build huge bases with little to no army.

Little bit before end of beta I spectated 4 players vs 4 moderate AI 300 population coastal game. All 4 AIs were only at around 50 population at 58 minutes although they had possibility to boom almost without interference from humans.