Kindly reduce the amount of gold armor on units after upgrading them

The game literally makes units to have gold armor at golden age upgrades. The camel bardings for both archer and rider are extremely similar and fails to stand out. Please make more grounded looking armor, as the sheer smearing of gold is just very chaotic overall.

Gold first of all is a very soft material and nobody uses it in war for armor, other than currency.

All of the Infantry looks hilarious and look like clowns by final age and the golden colour does not add anything of value nor does give any sense or royal or powerful feel.

Here are the images and even in the beta these units looked ridiculous with gold smeared on them, please use more materials and items like textiles, tassels, leather, hide, chain mail, earthen colours, embroidery, prints etc. Everything doesn’t need to be polished to a sheen.

The Camel Riders and Archers are indistinguishable and on top of that all units have gold poured over, them, while menu effects, menu icons, Text colour, way points all are gold. The game suffers from too much gold

The current AOE 4 units after their final upgrade look like this

More Examples

Please consider this request, most units look very nice by age 3, maybe think about building from there.



Even though I very much disagree about a lot of things in this game with you mate, you got my full support in this case.
I’d also love if the units wouldn’t just wear golden coats but actual armor, which in texture and colour looks authentic.
It doesn’t have to be super realistic but at least suitable and authentic.


I like the gold on the mounts such as the camels, elephants, and horses.
But I do agree the helmets feel a little excessive and odd.


Exactly! Gold also makes the graphic looking cheap.

Gold is supposed to give a final “touch” rather than used as a base color.


YEAH!! Camels are the worst.Too much gold.


Its the artistic style they choose nothing more.

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Honestly, I don’t think it’s that big an issue for me. Sure, it’s not realistic to have golden armor, but it does the job of making the ‘ultimate’ upgrade very easy to pick out without looking too tacky - and it’s a technique used before in the Age series:




The aom unit tiers were great honestly.

Bronze > Silver > Gold


yeah and thats why nobody plays those games anymore.

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I really doubt that lol.

I think there is much to be learned from pretty much every Aoe game.


I believe the material is supposed to be brass or bronze, which was used historically as armor in nations where copper was more plentiful than iron.

In terms of strength, many people will erroneously say that steel is stronger than bronze - this is not always the case, some alloys of bronze (such as alluminum bronze) are incredibly strong and would be stronger than the mild steels common in Medieval Europe.


For the camel archers, it’s just supposed to show you how much value you are getting out of them… because they’re OP.

It wouldn’t be so noticeable if almost every abbasid player didn’t mass camel archers every game.

As far a I’m concerned, silver and black armour looks expensive and elite, gold on anything looks cheap and tacky and fake

Saw that man when he was alive. Too much gold. :sweat_smile:

The technologies are called “Copper”, “Bronze” and “Iron” weapons/armour though so it doesn’t fit in my opinion.

If AoM(2) had something like the Imperial Age from AoE3 so an Age 5 the progression ending at “Gold” or some Mystical Equipment would make more sense, like:
Copper/Stone → Bronze → Iron → Mystical/Gold/Jade/etc.

Maybe it’s supposed to be Brass.
Brass was more common in the Arabic world because they had access to the needed materials while it was less common in Europe. I guess that’s what gives it the oriental look.

Or just very thinly gold plated.
It is relatively easy to get very very thin sheets of gold and place them on top of other things especially other metals.

I still agree that it’s too much gold.

But tbh, in most AoE(+AoM) games the Age 3 units look the best.
Age 2 is often very basic and Age 4 is needlessly fancy.
You also have to consider that people will probably most often fight in Age 3 (or at last that seems the intended design) and many matches won’t reach Age 4.

Gold color don’t mean gold armor guys, it’s just a common things in caucasian culture (idk others) to have bronze/silver/gold in hierarchy.

Anyway, camel archer and rider look the same and i it was super hard to diferentiate them.


yeah, reaching the final age in aoe2/3 managed to convey upgrade potential better through model differences and subtle colors, while here the gold is a little much.


Why you’re so sure its gold? It can also be some other yellow material.


It might be, but the colour choice appears to not be helping readabilty or ease of eyes (in some cases) either way.

While I don’t have any problem of gold as upgrade color, I do think, they should make the upgrades vary more.
On the other hand we have starcraft where you cannot even see any armor or weapon upgrade at all… So maybe it’s just fine how it is.


I completely agree with the author of the topic. Units in Era 4 don’t look realistic and terrible. Too much golden armor. For example, in Age of Empires 2 there are some elements of armor under the guise of gold, but there it looks harmonious and not so catchy. And if there were golden helmets, armor and other things, then in a single case and as an exotic, the ceremonial armor of very rich people. But no one fought in this. Change the saturation and amount of gold (yellow) color. For me, the units in era 4 are the ugliest and most unrealistic.