King of Arabia 2 - The first custom AI tournament for DE

Hey Everyone :slight_smile:

Esty, a veteran scripter, is currently hosting the first big DE tournament for AI’s which began about a week ago: King of Arabia 2. We are still in the group stages. Will the old powerhouses rain supreme or will this be the moment where up and coming ai’s goes the distance and Barbarian AI gets dethroned?

Participating are the following AI’s: (in no particular order)

1 - Promi (default Extreme AI)
2 - Rehoboam
3 - TRiBaL Warrior
4 - Bambi
5 - Beginner
6 - LuSnake
7 - HD AI
8 - The General
9 - Odette
10- PharaoN
11- Eagles Revenge 7.6
12- rAge
13- Panda Tutorial AI
14- Esty TutoMaster
15- Ulysses
16- GamesGod
17- Forthwind
18- Juggernaut
19- Barbarian
20- Shadow

The DE extreme AI was in for a very tough fight in the first match against Shadow. Twitch (Unfortunatly the casting mic was muted by mistake.) At this point we are a little over half way though the group stage.

More info about the tournament can be found here: - Login . Also feel free to drop by our discord channel if you have any questions or want to join our community. We will also anounce streams from the discord channel

We plan to cast all sets and would love to invite other casters if anyone is interested :slight_smile:


Is there a prize pool for the winning pgrogrammers? :slight_smile: