King's Palace hotkeys do not update and cannot be changed

Platform: Steam
Game version: 5.0.20248.0
Operating system: Windows 10

Issue description
I updated my preferred hotkeys for town centre, I want to create villagers with A.

I built the King’s Palace which is an Age-up building which functions as a town centre. To my annoyance, it had the old Q and not the updated A for creating villagers. I assumed there would have to be a separate hotkey section for King’s Palace then but there is no such section.

The problem:
King’s Palace hotkeys do not update.

The reproduction steps:

  1. update town centre create villager hotkey to A.
  2. play as English and go to Age II with King’s Palace
  3. get to King’s Palace with select TC hotkey
  4. see that create villager is in fact not A
  5. double check TC hotkey settings
  6. try to find King’s Palace hotkey settings
  7. King’s Palace create villager hotkey is still not A.

Expected function, how it’s supposed to be:
The King’s Palace hotkeys are supposed to be updatable - either by being automatically in sync with TC hotkeys or having a section in hotkey section of control settings.


Any chance the nifty bug report template could be a thing for AoE4 bug reports as well? it’s lovely to have when reporting bugs in AoE2DE.

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Thank you @Hjoerleif! The team is aware and looking into this and a few similar hotkey issues.

Could you point me to or screencap this? I’ll admit I’m out of the loop on Age II: DE these days, but I’m always open to making things better/easier.


Here, it always pops up pre-typed when you create a post draft in AoE2DE Report a bug:

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