Kipchak Rework/Balance Idea

Some people are complaining about Kipchaks being OP; others call it a Chu Ko Nu on horseback. The following changes would make the Kipchak unique and offer better balance options:

(This has been modded and tested using Advanced Genie Editor.)

  • Kipchaks shoot 1 arrow per attack instead of 2 (or 4 for Elite).
  • Kipchaks’ arrows fly faster at 8 speed instead of 7
  • Kipchaks’ arrows have pass-through damage, similar to scorpions, but arrows still fall at an arch, so it will only hit units directly in front of or behind targets. (Units hit by pass-through take 6 pierce damage.)
  • Kipchaks’ arrow arch decreased from -0.03 to -0.02 (this increases the chance to cause pass-through damage)
  • Kipchaks gain minimum range of 3; Elite Kipchaks have a minimum range of 2 – This gives Kipchaks the ability to automate “hit-and-run” tactics, but they will only behave this way against units that they are currently targeting.
  • All other stats remain the same.

No skirmishers on horses please.

The reason for the minimum range went right over your head. Wow.

Genitours exist and they’re really good, just got a buff too

I got the reason, but when a Camel reaches them, they can’t fight back immediately.

So they will get hit without hitting back

I don’t have any problem with them. Not everything should be the same though.