Kiting with mixed army

I’ve notice that when i try to kite with mixed melee ranged infantry army.
When i right click back to retreat a bit my unit.

ALL my ranged units will suddently ALL start moving TOWARD the enemy. I’ve even more insance when you try use staggered formation. I’ve lose a couple games this way, especially against HRE landskneckt.

I select my army, click staggered formation to avoid a bit of splash damage, then right click backward to kite, and suddently my 50 archer starts moving TOWARD the enemy right in the middle of their army, and all die.

Is there any way to avoid this ?

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if you use staggered before you’re away from an enemy army your units will expand in any direction, they will walk through enemy units to get into the spread out formation which is probably what’s happening

in that situation you will need to put your archers and infantry in a different control group. it might take a bit longer to issue orders to your whole army.
Or just sacrifice the melee units while only using archers to kite.
It would be nice if AoE 4 had formations something like rearguard formation which would inverse the formation to have melee in back and archers in front.