Knight DPS is the highest in game?

Do I understand this correctly? The lower the Attack speed the FASTER you attack?? or is it the other way around? It would APPEAR the LOWER the ATTACK speed displayed the faster the unit attacks.

Either way I’ve not seen any other unit with a lower ATTACK SPEED than knights at 0.4 ATTACK SPEED

That’s the charge “attack speed”, that is how fast after hitting the enemy will they take damage from the charge. After they connect and switch to their melee weapon their damage and attack speed will change on the tooltip to show what their regular melee damage is.


The knight has a charge attack. You see the stats for the charge attack when you click on it before it charges.
After charge the attack is much lower.

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FIRST OFF THANK YOU FOR THE CLARITY… sadly I really think they can do a better job explaining all these lil nuisances thru a guide and or tutorial or a official wiki!

But from the two responses I’m assuming I understood correctly that the lower the SECONDS associated with “Attack Speed” the FASTER the attack occurs?!

Basically yes. The lower the attack speed number the faster the damage is coming out.

Yeah that attack speed is actually reload time or attack interval… aoe has always been slightly silly with it’s interpretation of attack speed or rate of fire .